Minimalist Wooden Wallets
Minimalist Wooden Wallets

Minimalist Wooden Wallets & Everyday Gear By Hudwood

In the digital age it can sometimes be easy to feel disconnected from nature and unfortunately watching David Attenborough documentaries on TV doesn’t count. This is why two Slovenian brothers, Rok and Dominik, have created a Kickstarter campaign to fund their project that’ll make every day products out of natural materials for our modern, digital lives.

The project is called Hudwood, ‘hud’ meaning awesome in Slovenian, and the brothers have created a wooden wallet made from seven layers of different kinds of wood topped off with some protective finishing oil, with the end product being super light and durable. The wallet has a nifty little coin box cut into it plus two thick elastic bands which cross over the top so you can easily slide your cards and cash in and out while keeping everything else secure. Another function of the wallet which would come in handy fairly often is its ability to act as a makeshift phone stand too. You can prop up one of your cards against the coin box edge to hold your phone up and you’re good to go!

Rok and Dominik have also designed a Hudwood carabiner, ideal for holding your keys securely and within easy access. They’re also made of wood and are super strong, being able to hold up to 10kg, so even if you have a spare a key to the houses of everyone you know, the carabiner will be able to deal.  They come in three minimalist designs and along with the wooden wallet they’re available in three different finishes; walnut, rosewood and zebrano.

Check out Hudwood on Kickstarter.Feel The Nature With Hudwood Wooden Wallet  Wooden WalletWooden Wallet Wooden Wallet

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