Brass Notebook
Brass Notebook

Premium Walnut & Brass Notebook by Pacific & West

Stationery is back. In a time when pretty much everything has moved online, people seem to be re-discovering the joys of writing and drawing with pen and paper instead of a screen and keyboard. We, for one, welcome this resurgence because it means heaps more beautifully crafted desk accessories and notebooks, which are – lets be real – awesome. Joe Mansfield, co-founder of Grovemade, has heard our call for more well designed stationery and has just announced his new brand called Pacific & West.

Mansfield has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help him get Pacific & West’s flagship product off the ground. The product is a premium walnut and brass notebook which features a custom 5-ply real wood cover, showcasing the natural beauty of the black walnut, brass double coils and 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

The hand-oiled walnut covers feature on both sides of the notebook and are durable enough to be knocked around a bit, though you’d want to take care of it because it looks so nice. They’re joined by the brass double coils which were also chosen for their high durability, but also because they allow the notebook to lay open completely flat and for the front cover to be folded all the way back which makes using the thing a lot easier.

The notebook comes in two sizes; large or extra large, and you can choose for the paper to be plain, dot grids or lined. The dots and lines are designed with a low contrast light grey so they don’t overwhelm the page.

Pacific & West’s walnut and brass notebook looks great and we’ll for sure be adding one (or two) to our desks. Now excuse us as we go find an equally as good-looking pen to pair with it…

Support Pacific & West on Kickstarter.

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