Better Shave
Better Shave

Quality Products For A Better Shave

Don’t fall behind when it comes to keeping your shaving kit updated with the best products. You owe it to yourself, your skin and your facial hair to use only premium quality goods that will leave you feeling and looking at the top of your game…


The Lather

Triumph & Disaster – Old Fashioned Shave Cream  Better Shave

A nostalgic shave cream with hints of old-school medicinal aromas. This shave cream is packed with protective ingredients and will lubricate your skin with a rich lather to ensure a closer shave.

Buy: Hunting For George


Geo. F. Trumper – Super Badger Shaving BrushBetter Shave

Invest in a top quality brush and you won’t look back. These ones by Geo. F. Trumper are made with Super Badger bristles, a high quality hair which retains more water and heat than other brushes. The badger hairs lift up your beard and stubble so you know you’re going to have a smoother finish.

Buy: Men’s Biz


The Razor

Muhle – R107 Double Edge RazorBetter Shave

Dispose of your disposables and get your hands on this German-designed double edge razor from Muhle. It feels premium from the moment you hold it and it’s suitable for both new and experienced wet shavers.

Buy: The Century Man


Captain Fawcett – RazorBetter Shave

If you want to stick to what you know then this piece from Captain Fawcett is ideal. It’s smooth to use, premium in quality, modern in design and old-school in looks.

Buy: gentSac


Dovo Solingen Cellidor – Beginners Cut Throat RazorBetter Shave

Impress everyone you know and master the art of using a cut throat razor. This high-quality, carbon steel blade is a good choice for beginners and will give you a much nicer shave than any of your disposables.

Buy: Cut Throat Club



Baxter of California – After Shave BalmBetter Shave

A good after shave balm will help to reduce irritation of your skin post-razor, leaving it conditioned and moisturised. The tea tree oil in this one will help reduce ingrown hairs and the aloe will leave it nice and calm.

Buy: Mr Hardy’s



Muhle – Safety Razor Mach3 Fusion Shaving Brush Sophist Chrome StandBetter Shave

Show off your new kit with this sleek chrome stand. It lets your razor and brush dry properly after each use which will keep them in good condition for a longer life.

Buy: Shaver Hut


Will Leather – Grady Leather Travel KitBetter Shave

When you’re on the move, consider this durable leather travel kit to store your shaving gear in. The bridal leather will ensure everything is well protected from whatever your journey may bring while looking stylish at the same time.

Buy: Gallantoro

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