Paddington House
Paddington House

Paddington House | Not Quite As It Seems

If you’ve lived in an inner-city terrace house before, you’ll know that space can definitely be at a premium and compromises will have to be made somewhere. Not so for one Sydney family though, who decided to think outside the box a bit and turn two adjoining terraces into one giant house! Anthony Gill Architects were the ones responsible for making this happen, and they did an incredible job with such a huge renovation which took more than two years to complete.

Walls were brought down and new ones put back in to create large, open spaces in the new house in Paddington. The void in the centre allows natural light to fill the space, highlighting the warmth of the wooden floorboards and doors. Though the interiors are quite minimal, the house remains homely and welcoming. The architects created a path surrounding the void to the upper levels allowing the family members to still be able to see and communicate with each other from the other levels of the house.

The bathrooms and kitchen were also renovated to reflect the simple luxury of the rest of the home, and windows were very selectively placed on the rear of the building to create the best views looking outward. From the front, unless you looked very carefully at a few of the details like the custom made brass house numbers, you wouldn’t be able to tell that not all is as it seems behind the doors of the two terraces.

Check out more from Anthony Gill Architects. Images by Peter Bennetts.

Paddington HousePaddington House Paddington HousePaddington House Paddington House Paddington House

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