Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Review
Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Review

Monthly Beer Digest: Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Each month Hey Gents will be checking out and reviewing a different craft beer. First cab off the rank is Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale – the winner of GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of the Year. For those in the know, the Pacific Ale quickly became a session staple. The Stone & Wood Brewing Company was founded in 2008 by work buddies Jamie Cook, Ross Jurisich and Brad Rogers who left behind the corporate world for the call of Byron Bay and better beer. In their first year of operation they produced 200,000 litres of beer and employed 10 staff – beer was rolling out the door.

To this day, their philosophy remains simple “brewing beer that makes the most of the ingredients available today. Beer that simply lets the flavours and aromas of the ingredients shine through by keeping the processes to a minimum. Beer that is simply good to drink”.Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Review

The Taste

From the moment you pop the lid off a Pacific Ale you’re likely to be overcome by its clean, fruity aroma. Impressively, the beer’s cloudy liquid gives these scents a longer life than expected. The beer’s standout flavour is its undercurrent of passion fruitiness that holds its subtle sweetness as you drink. A very inoffensive bitterness oozes from the ale’s Galaxy hops which is well complemented by the beer’s barley and wheat. In short, the beer is a delight to drink.Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Review

The Verdict

Chalking in at 1.1 standard drinks, it’s on the lighter end of the alcohol-content-spectrum. Meaning that you can put in a pretty good innings without things getting out of hand. Drinks well from a bottle. Even better off tap.

Listening: The Internet – Dont’cha
Eating: Doritos and Guacamole
Vibing: 5pm on a summer’s night in Byron Bay. You’ve spent the day at the beach, freshened up and now you’re sitting around with your mates – soaking it all in.
Buy: Dan Murphy’s

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