Minimal Bike Bell
Minimal Bike Bell

Minimal Bike Bell | Knog Oi

Traditionally, bike bells have not been sexy. We’ve all seen them, we’ve all heard them, and we think they’re cramping our style. Luckily for us, Australian brand Knog have completely re-designed how the humble cycling accessory should look and sound and have come up with a minimal bike bell, simply called Oi.

Knog are well-known for their unconventional designs when it comes to cycling accessories (you may be familiar with their Frog and Blinder lights) and Oi is no different. Rather than basing their design off what we’d normally expect to see hanging off a bike, they’ve started completely from scratch to re-think the actual bell mechanism itself. From here the sketches began and the team thought of countless different concepts which could potentially work as a modern, good-looking yet fully functional bicycle bell.

The end product looks super sleek as it sits discreetly around your bike’s handle bar, the unique O-shape of it maintaining a streamlined profile while also incorporating a cable management system. Arguably the most important function of a bicycle bell – the sound – has also been re-designed by Knog. The ring of the Oi is pretty unique and will have you heard safely. The brand played around with different sounds and techniques and ended up with a firm and fast strike with a good balance of volume and longevity of the sound.

Oi comes in five premium finishes; brushed aluminium, brass-plated, copper-plated and black as well as a top of the range titanium model which will set you back slightly more. They each come in both a small or large size to fit most cylindrical handle bars.

Clearly we’ve all been in need of better bicycle bells because Knog’s Kickstarter campaign for Oi completely smashed its $20,000 goal in no time at all. Production is expected to be completed in June and they’ll start to get shipped out in July.

Check out Oi on Kickstarter.Minimal Bike BellMinimal Bike BellMinimal Bike BellMinimal Bike BellMinimal Bike Bell Minimal Bike Bell

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