Mazda MX-5 Review

Mazda MX-5 Review

It’s good to have something you can always rely on. Even better than that is having something you can rely on that is also exciting. In the car world, this comes in the form of the Mazdas MX-5. This year has seen the release of the fourth generation of the iconic car so we thought we’d drive one around for a week to see why it’s the best selling two-seat sports car in the world.Mazda MX-5 ReviewMazda MX-5 Review Mazda MX-5 ReviewMazda MX-5 ReviewThe test car we had was the 1.5L Roadster GT in a crisp metallic white. Before I had even taken the car for a spin I could tell that it was something new and special, already a marked improvement over the older generations. It looks significantly more sporty and far more premium than before with the body having been re-designed to look a lot sharper, losing the totally rounded out shape which it was known for. Personally I think this was a good decision because it made me feel like I was about to drive a much more luxuriously branded car.Mazda MX-5 ReviewMazda MX-5 Review Mazda MX-5 ReviewThe roof is a cloth soft-top and while I think it would have looked sleeker with a hard-top, it’s still pretty nice. It requires manual operation to release and stow it and vice versa but this was really simple to do. The dashboard is relatively minimal and could do with some improvements, like having the controls on the steering wheel laid out a bit better. The base model of the new MX-5 strangely doesn’t come with a touchscreen display, but the GT does. I found the navigation in it somewhat difficult to use, especially compared with other systems I’ve tried. A feature the car is missing is a reversing camera which is something I’ve become used to seeing as a standard these days.Mazda MX-5 ReviewMazda MX-5 ReviewMazda MX-5 ReviewThe drive itself is where I think the new MX-5 really excels. It was nice and zippy, and I could easily tell that it’s 100kg lighter than its predecessors. The sports mode was fun to drive in while the normal mode left me feeling like I wanted just a bit more power from it. If you’re like me and want something slightly more from your drive, there’s also a 2.0L model which would go that extra length. A problem I found when driving with the roof up was that there was a pretty huge blindspot over my right side. This was especially noticeable considering the car is so low and small, I already felt like it wouldn’t fare too well in an accident.Mazda MX-5 Review Mazda MX-5 Review Mazda MX-5 ReviewI took the MX-5 over the Harbour Bridge to Olympic Drive in Kirribilli as well as McMahon’s Point in Sydney’s north. It was the perfect evening to have the roof down; warm with the sun setting over the harbour. On the way back I took advantage of the seat warming feature as the wind got a bit cooler. The GT is fitted with premium Bose audio and 9 speakers, and they made my music sound pretty fantastic. The boot space isn’t huge but lets face it, this car isn’t really designed to do the groceries.Mazda MX-5 Review Mazda MX-5 ReviewMazda MX-5 ReviewMazda MX-5 ReviewI can see why the Mazda MX-5 is the world’s best selling roadster. It’s a very fun car to drive around in, and it’s affordable too. The newly re-designed model looks super impressive and premium, especially with the roof down. I think it would make a great second car to take out for picturesque drives on the weekend.

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