Interview: Hunting For George | Loft Collection

When you’ve got yourself a new place or you’re just looking to change things up in your current apartment, it’s always handy to have a go-to shop to pick up some new pieces for your home. Melbourne-based online store, Hunting For George stocks a range of interesting up-and-coming and well-established brands along with their own range of goods to deck out your place from the bedroom to the backyard.

Opened in 2010, sisters Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris started out with just three brands on board but that number grew quickly as did their website. Soon after launching they had the idea of creating their own homewares so they went on to design a range of pure cotton bed linen, textile accessories and handmade clocks under the Hunting For George brand name.

Today the brand are launching their latest campaign called the Loft Collection. Inspired by New York lofts and large, light filled spaces, the campaign was shot in a converted warehouse in Melbourne. It features the newest Hunting For George bed linens strewn throughout the living space; blankets draped over the couch, a bed with sheets so inviting you just want to dive in. This is what the designers were going for when they created the collection, making spaces that are meant to be lived in.

As well as bedding, the Loft Collection also features products designed in collaboration with Grazia & Co. including the Upholstered Oliver Bed and Rollo Ottoman. Rounding out the collaboration is the Big Boy Floor Cushion, Aliya Bedside Table and Tommy Tray which all call for Sundays spent lounging, preferably with breakfast in bed and a good book to keep you company.

Interview: Hunting For George | Loft Collection

We recently caught up with Lucy to have a chat about the Loft Collection and get some useful tips for guys to keep in mind when styling their place…

What was your main inspiration when designing the Loft collection?

This collection was heavily influenced by fashion. We looked into street style and fashion editorials for inspiration. The East Village Quilt Set is a good example of how we adapted our designs from fashion, this quilt references a photograph of Elsa Hosk taken by Eric Josjö for Elle Norway. I fell in love with the simplicity of the image and the subtlety of colours. It was calming but at the same time extremely powerful and I really wanted to reflect that feeling in a design.

Interview: Hunting For George | Loft Collection

What are some things men should keep in mind when styling their place?

I love that guys often keep things simple. The trick to achieving an impressive minimal look though depends heavily on your choice of interiors. To make sure that your simple aesthetic looks more rad than sad, invest in key pieces that are timeless and of high quality.

When it comes to styling, focus on the things that are most important to you. For me, I love my vinyl collection so I use it as a focal point throughout my house and my man is a surfer so we have a collection of boards scattered around that act like artwork.

If you could choose only a couple of pieces from your collection for a guy to refresh his place what would they be?

If you’re sleeping on a futon, it’s time for an upgrade. Our Oliver Upholstered Bed, has a masculine aesthetic with steel construction and hard lines, but it’s teamed with soft wool upholstery that adds a warmth and luxury.

Also our Mr & Mrs Smith Quilt Set has become a bit of a go to for our male customers. It’s unisex, looks ace and comes in handy if you’re trying to impress someone.

Interview: Hunting For George | Loft Collection

Your collaboration with Grazia and Co is awesome. How did that come about?

We’ve known Grazia for a few years and have always admired her knowledge and skill in furniture design. Especially the quality of her products and her attention to detail. We’ve exhibited at trade shows together and had toyed with the idea of a collaboration. Eventually things just fell into place and we said let’s do it!

Are you planning any other collaborations in the future?

Absolutely. We love collaborating. We can recognize when other people have skills that we don’t have and love reaching out to those designers to work together. It’s also one of my favourite things to do because as a designer I thrive on ideas and talking to other people about them, so when you can merge creatively with different people the outcome is always exciting and unique.

Interview: Hunting For George | Loft Collection

What do you look for when scouting other brands and designers for Hunting For George to stock?

Style and quality. Ultimately everything that’s available on Hunting for George gets the ok from myself and Jo, so that tends to create a particular aesthetic, but we always focus on those two elements when deciding.

We think the Free Girl Advice For Dudes section of your website is a great resource for guys. How’d you come up with that idea?

We’ve had this resource since the first day Hunting for George went live. The reason being that we wanted to talk directly to guys and encourage them in their shopping decisions. I’ve worked in retail most of my life and found that guys trust and value your guidance. So we’ve tried to make it as easy and as fun as possible for guys to shop with us. We’ve actually had quite a few guys email to thank us for helping them to kick a goal. It’s great to hear that we’re helping guys get in the good books!

Interview: Hunting For George | Loft Collection

Speaking of gifting advice, my mate just bought a house… any tips?

Let’s be honest, the best gift you can give a new home owner is free labour. But if you can’t be arsed then I’d opt for something cool for the kitchen or for entertaining. Our French Press is pretty awesome and would easily move you to the top of the friend list.

What types of products from Hunting For George have you seen being consistently popular for men?

Our simple, reversible quilt covers seem to be the go with guys. The Colonel Mustard is a popular one and we also see a lot of guys buying our dark Coal Sheet Set as well. This is a pretty good staple piece for the bedroom. Also our range of mens skincare from Triumph & Disaster is a popular one, it’s good to see our boys looking after themselves!

Check out the Loft Collection at Hunting For George.

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