Grovemade Entryway Collection
Grovemade Entryway Collection

Organise Your Entryway With Grovemade

Our favourite Portlandian purveyors of finely made wooden goods, Grovemade are back with the latest addition to their home goods collection, Entryway. As the name suggests the new products are designed to be fit to your wall near the front door to make leaving the house a whole lot quicker, and nicer looking.

The line-up for the range includes the Wall Catch-All, an ingenious tray made of sculpted hardwood and lined with German wool felt. You can easily chuck your wallet, phone and other daily essentials into it (and not worry about scratches thanks to the felt lining) and use the handy brass hooks to hang up your keys, so when you run out the door you know you’ve got everything you need with you.

The collection also features the Wall Planter, ideal if you like the idea of having an indoor plant but space is at a premium at your place. The Mirror is the perfect size to hang up at head height so when you’re dashing out you can do a quick check to make sure there’s nothing stuck in your teeth. Sleek and modern Wall Hooks round out the new range for your jacket or bag.

Like other Grovemade products, everything comes in either maple or walnut, and both are totally sleek. They are the masters of creating items for your home or office that are both completely practical and are also exceptionally eye-catching. Started in 2009 by two friends Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita, Grovemade’s vision is simple; ‘make cool stuff and have fun doing it’. You can tell that they’ve stuck to this plan as the stuff they make is undeniably cool and a quick glance at their website shows that the tight knit team genuinely enjoy what they’re doing.

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