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Design Shirts Online

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How many times have you received an online order only to find that the clothes you purchased didn’t quite fit, looked a little different or weren’t exactly what you were after? Tailor Store have the solution, with custom men’s tailored shirts, made to measure and designed by you, so that you never have to compromise or package up a return ever again.

Their easy-to-use online customisation platform lets you specify each and every shirt detail from the fit, to the collar type and even the buttons and button thread. I went for long sleeves with a button-down classic collar, single button rounded cuff with a modern bottom cut and Coria White buttons. There are even options for embroidery, a tie fix or matching handkerchief. Once the design process is completed, you can input your measurements to ensure the perfect fit. The process is straight-forward and well worth the extra time to make sure your shirt fits and looks exactly as you want it.

Each Tailor Store garment is crafted specifically to each individual request and as a result, may take a little longer to arrive than most bulk-made e-commerce stores. However, the quality and fit is second to none, and the wait definitely worth it for a sartorial garment that will remain with you for years to come. You may expect such a tailored service to accompany a premium price tag, but this is not the case with Tailor Store’s affordable prices.

By guaranteeing the perfect fit and design, Tailor Store aims to make shopping for shirts easier and more sustainable. Avoiding the hassle of trying on different sizes to get the closest fit and ensuring that materials, time and resources aren’t wasted on returned or never-worn clothes, Tailor Store hopes to make a positive improvement on both the success of your purchase as well as the environmental sustainability of the fashion industry.

You can design your own custom shirt at Tailor Store.

Design Shirts Online Design Shirts Online Design Shirts Online Design Shirts Online

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