Jack Purcell Signature CVO

Converse Jack Purcell Signature CVO

Some things are timeless, but it doesn’t hurt for them to change a little every now and then. With that in mind, Converse have given their Jack Purcell Signature style a fresh update this season with the introduction of the new Jack Purcell Signature CVO. The style is reminiscent of Converse’s Windjammer from the 1960s, which had a really clean and simple design and no double toe caps. Converse have paid homage to the retro sneaker whilst achieving a more modern look and using better materials.Jack Purcell Signature CVO Jack Purcell Signature CVOJack Purcell Signature CVOJack Purcell Signature CVOThe uppers are made of 2 ply duck canvas, which is essentially a stronger and heavier cotton than what’s normally used in sneakers so they’re super durable and will give you years of wear. Another new addition is the unique colourways used in the Colourblock option of the sneaker. The Ambient Blue / Egret make for a great alternative if you already have quite a few black or white sneakers, though if the traditional colours are more your style, the CVOs are still available in monochromatic inked, dolphin and white. Jack Purcell Signature CVO Jack Purcell Signature CVOJack Purcell Signature CVOThe new Jack Purcell Signature CVO offers a slimmer fit silhouette than the 1960s counterpart, making them ideal for daily casual wear, and you’ll probably want to wear them day after day because of how comfortable they are. Converse have retained their parent company’s Nike Zoom Air Technology from the Jack Purcell Signature, which makes the shoes more lightweight yet still cushioned enough to take the impact of your movements which in turn reduces stress on your body. Similar to the Nike Lunarlon sockliner used in Converse’s new Chuck Taylor All Star II, we get the best of both worlds with Nike’s performance technology combined with Converse’s iconic styles. Also carried over from the Jack Purcell Signature to the CVO style is the OrthoLite footbeds. These have a really low compression rate so they’re not going to flatten out of shape with continuous wear, and they’ll make you feel like you’re wearing a new pair of shoes every time you lace up. Jack Purcell Signature CVOJack Purcell Signature CVOJack Purcell Signature CVOMuch like the Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell sneakers were initially designed to be worn for athletic purposes. They were created in the 1930s by their namesake who was a champion badminton player and who wanted to create a shoe that performed well on the badminton court. Like the All Stars, you’ll probably be pressed to find anyone now who actually uses them for the initial reason they were designed, but Jack Purcell sneakers are prized for their retro look and now superior comfort. 

Converse Jack Purcell Signature CVO available now from Converse.

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