Thankyou Chapter One
Thankyou Chapter One

You + This Book Can Change The World | Chapter One

It can be easy to get disillusioned about donating money to charities when you get bombarded by them as you’re walking down the street, or even just by the fact that there’s so many of them it can often be overwhelming to decide whose hands your money will do best in. Sometimes, when you’ve chosen who to donate to, the task of actually giving over your cash might get lost somewhere down the bottom of your to-do list. Thanks to Melbourne-based company, Thankyou, it’s actually really easy to give your money to a good cause. Though they don’t actually call themselves a charity, rather a social enterprise, they don’t accept donations and instead create and sell a range of daily essentials and distribute 100% of the profits to various projects overseas.

Their product range includes water bottles which are made from 50% recycled PET plastic, cereal and snack bars as well as a small selection of body care products. Most recently Thankyou have released a book, called Chapter One, which details the story of how the three young, inexperienced co-founders started such a huge enterprise which makes real, positive change in the world.

Chapter One is written by Daniel Flynn, who was 19 at the time he came up with the idea for Thankyou, and is totally unconventional in that you can choose to pay however much you want for it. Like their other products, 100% of the profits will fund new projects, plus they plan on starting a Thankyou New Zealand from the ground up. Daniel’s main aim for the book is to challenge his readers to think big, break the rules and make their own change in the world. It’s hard not be inspired by it when you read the story of ‘a group of kids with no money, no qualifications and almost no experience in business’ start something that’s helped to fund safe access to water for nearly 200,000 people – and that’s only the beginning!

Find out more about Chapter One at Thankyou.

Thankyou Chapter One


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