40 Kong Dubai Review

Rooftop Drinks At 40 Kong, Dubai

Something Dubai is certainly not lacking in is its share of premium bars and clubs. They all have something that sets them apart from each other, and 40 Kong is no different. To me, the relaxed atmosphere of the place made it feel more akin to meeting mates at the pub after work than setting foot in a luxury rooftop bar, but that’s not to say it didn’t still feel totally premium. After a long day of seeing the sights around Dubai, there is no better place I could have imagined to spend a chilled out evening than this rooftop lounge and restaurant. It’s located in the heart of Dubai on the 40th floor of the H Dubai and offers the most incredible panoramic views of the vibrant city.

Dubai has never let me down when it comes to the variety and quality of food before, and 40 Kong certainly lived up to the expectations the rest of the city had set for me. For dinner I indulged in the black angus tenderloin, and lets just say I’m still having some pretty vivid dreams about it. Dessert was a simple lemon sorbet to cleanse my palette and to get me ready for the abundant cocktail and whisky selection available.

There’s a reason 40 Kong has been rated as the best music and nightlife venue in Dubai by TimeOut; an accolade that they’re rightly deserving of. The atmosphere of the place really is something special; sitting 40 floors above the world with a cocktail in hand and summer in the air feels quite like nothing else. I could definitely get used to that kind of living! The drinks menu had the words, “Don’t Chase Anything  But Drinks and Dreams” written on it, and when I was sitting on the lounges at 40 Kong, it was easy to want to live by them.

Check out www.40kong.com for more info. 40 Kong Dubai Review40 Kong Dubai Review40 Kong Dubai Review40 Kong Dubai Review 40 Kong Dubai Review 40 Kong Dubai Review  DSC02334

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