Manshausen Adventure Playground
Manshausen Adventure Playground

Manshausen Adventure Playground

Imagine starting your day with a hike through scenic ranges of remote islands of Norway, spending the afternoon by the water catching fish then watching the northern lights illuminating the sky surrounding you from the comfort of a warm bed. While this all sounds a bit too good to be true, rest assured all this and more is entirely possible thanks to self-described ‘adventure playground’Manshausen.

Manshausen is an island in Steigen, off northern Norway and back in the day used to be a major fishing trading post. More recently, the land was purchased by acclaimed Norwegian adventurer, Børge Ousland, who has turned the island into a natural thrill-seeker’s dream. Since 2010, Ousland has been developing Manshausen to be a completely unique travel destination where people can get up close and personal with nature through activities such as hiking, fishing, rock climbing, diving and skiing.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the island isn’t in its natural wonder but rather can be seen in the completely uniquely designed huts which serve as the primary accommodation on the island. There are only four of these huts on Manshausen which makes them all the more special, and they’ve been designed and built with the island’s topography in mind. Three of the four are placed along the old stone jetty with a giant glass wall jutting out over the water. The fourth sits slightly higher and is nestled on a natural ledge on the terrain.

Designed by architect Snorre Stinessen, the huts all feature a glass wall facing out towards the sea and mountain ranges to allow guests to enjoy the marvels of the natural surrounds from the comfort of the stunning interior of the cabin. We can definitely picture ourselves reclining on a chair with a drink in hand watching the spectacular northern lights overhead in winter, or experiencing the midnight sun in summer…

Check out Manshausen for more info.Manshausen Manshausen Adventure PlaygroundManshausen Adventure PlaygroundPhotos by Siggen Stinessen.

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