Hot Air Balloon

Sunrise From A Hot Air Balloon In The Desert

Ok, so who doesn’t love a sunrise… now imagine watching the sunrise from up in the air in the middle of the desert. We were picked up at our hotel by Balloon Adventures Emirates at around 5 am, and while the 4:30 am wake up call was a bit of a shock, we needed to be early enough to ensure we didn’t miss anything as the hour before sunrise is particularly magical.

Just as a word of warning, even though you’re in Dubai I’d recommend taking a jumper with you since it can still be cold in the morning. The instructor told us that on certain days you can literally feel the clouds. This wasn’t the case on the day we went but the experience was still extraordinary.

You’ll probably discover a great new game to play whilst up there too. ‘Spot the wild animals’ is highly recommended as well as over enthusiastically waving at the locals who live in the desert.

Last but not least, tell your girlfriend to leave her dress at the hotel and opt for something a bit sportier instead. You not only need to jump into the basket before taking off, but also may experience some fairly ‘sporty’ landings. I must admit that I wasn’t expecting ballooning to be as much of a thrill as it turned out to be. I would never have looked into doing it in Australia, but now I’m keen to see what’s on offer here at home after this great experience in Dubai.

All in all, the view was straight up stunning and a made for a seriously memorable part of my trip to Dubai.

Check it out at www.ballooning.ae.Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon Hot Air BalloonHot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon

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