Dynaudio XEO 2 High End Wireless Speaker System

Dynaudio Xeo 2 High End Wireless Speaker System

Compact, powerful and feature rich bookshelf speakers; the Xeo 2 from Dynaudio is part of the next step in audio technology in an era where streaming audio from digital devices is the new norm. Foregoing the age old concept of wiring up your speakers to amplifiers and DACs the Xeo 2 has been masterfully engineered to fit not only the audio drivers but digital amplifiers and digital to analogue converters within the same compact and streamlined form. This creates a system that is truly lossless in terms of audible sound quality, as there is no interference from audio source to output. Basically, it means your music and audio will sound like it should especially if you’re using high quality audio files.

It may not sound like a revolutionary step but trust us removing wires and cables and using a digital signal from source to speaker will make everything sound better, plus it allows you to place the units where you want them, with the only caveat being the need to be plugged into a power source.

Using Bluetooth for its wireless connectivity the Xeo 2 has been built from the ground up to connect to almost any device, be it your phone, laptop, TV, desktop pc, literally anything as it also comes with a multitude of other inputs including optical audio and analogue connections. Also capable of multi-room functionality, Xeo 2 can connect to a network of other Xeo series speakers via the Xeo Hub or Connect allowing you to blast breath taking audio in any room of your home.

Belying the compact form, Xeo 2 bass is deep and weighty, capable of filling a room with a resolutely powerful experience. This extends into a broad soundstage that brings out the best in movies and music performances whether it’s source is your smart phone or Blu-ray player.

Simple and intuitive design paired with exceptional versatility and then mixed with a simple and unobtrusive visual form makes this powerful little speaker a go-to for those wanting premium performance with a small footprint.

Check it out at Dynaudio.com.

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