BMW 330i M Sport Review

BMW 330i M Sport Review

Being the best selling luxury car company in the world says a lot, but if you need a little bit more convincing before you lock in the purchase of a brand new car then read on. We recently spent some quality time with the new BMW 330i kitted out with the M Sport package. First launched in 1975, the BMW 3 Series consistently proves to be a successful combination of performance and aesthetics. 40 years on we’re presented with a sports sedan that offers a strong dose of style, practicality and genuine enjoyment behind the wheel.BMW 330i Review M SportThe 330i replaced the 328i and is set in motion by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol engine with 185kW of power and 350Nm of torque. Boasting a 0-100km/h time of just 5.8 seconds, the 330i feels quick out of the blocks. The 8-speed sport automatic transmission is smooth and fast, impressing at both low and high speeds. The car performed without breaking a sweat when pulling onto the freeway whilst letting out a nice little purr. It felt just as at home maneuvering the city streets and it’s a nice feeling knowing you have the power under the hood when you want to use it, but it doesn’t feel like an untamed beast when you just want to take it easy.   BMW 330i Review M Sport BMW 330i M Sport ReviewExpected to be the line-up’s strongest seller with nearly two out of every five BMW 3 series customers opting for the 330i, this car seems to hit a sports luxury sweet spot. When you flick the driving experience control up to Sport that’s when the 330i really comes into its own with a more animated gearshift pattern and increased throttle response. Although fun, the suspension in Sport mode can quickly get a bit too stiff in some everyday situations so I found myself dialling it back to the standard comfort setting a few times which still manages to capture the spirit of the ride.BMW 330i M Sport Review BMW 330i M Sport ReviewAdmiring the vehicle from the outside, it’s impossible not to get excited every time you walk up to drive the car. In a crisp white the 330i glistens and its sleek lines give it a visual appeal that although classic, is tough to criticise. The M Sport package adds a whole new dimension to the car. Not only heightening the aesthetic aspects of the 3 series, this package also enhances the luxurious feeling of the car. It sits pretty on the 19″ BMW M light-alloy star spoke wheels and the ambient light being switchable from Classic Orange to LED Cold White is a cool addition.BMW 330i Review M SportBMW 330i M Sport ReviewBMW 330i M Sport ReviewBMW EfficientDynamics is a strategy that encompasses the engine, energy management and the vehicle concept to minimise fuel consumption and CO emissions while simultaneously increasing dynamics and driving pleasure. As well as ensuring that the full power of the engine is available for acceleration, Brake Energy Regeneration is a feature that cleverly improves fuel efficiency. BMW 330i Review M SportBMW 330i Review M SportOne of my favourite features was the 360 degree camera system which can give a bird’s eye view of the car and provides a level of spatial awareness that I’d never experienced before in a car. Front and rear parking sensors also help you out when it comes to tight spaces and an abundance of automatic features including headlights and wipers allow you to concentrate on the road ahead. Our test drive model came with red upholstery which while I wouldn’t opt for myself, definitely added some extra flair to the interior.BMW 330i Review M SportBMW 330i Review M SportBMW ConnectedDrive packs in a world of features that heighten enjoyment, convenience and safety. Basically, the intelligent systems make your life easier and allows you to do things such as connect with the outside world via phone and email, access information and a range of entertainment apps. BMW Heads Up Display lets you receive journey specific info that’s conveniently projected into your field of vision. Updates include directions, current speed and limit, entertainment and phone lists. BMW 330i Review M SportBMW 330i Review M SportBMW 330i Review M SportAnother feature I really appreciated was Driving Assistant which combines the Lane Departure Warning and Approach control warning systems. It really helps you out when there’s a risk of collision with vehicles or pedestrians and even brakes the vehicle in an emergency. Additionally, slight vibrations in the steering wheel alert you to unintentional lane changes when travelling above approximately 70km/h. BMW 330i M Sport ReviewIn conclusion, the BMW 330i M Sport is an attractive and powerful vehicle with an abundance of smart features that may first overwhelm but in time you will wonder how you ever lived without them. There’s a reason the BMW 3 Series is the world’s best selling luxury car, it’s the whole package – sporty, elegant, practical and feature rich. With a list price of $69,900 plus $2,600 for the M Sport package, the BMW 330i is a force to be reckoned with.

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