Aquaventure Waterpark At Atlantis The Palm Dubai

Just when you think you’ve experienced everything in Dubai, just when you think you’ve seen all that there is to see… Aquaventure is there for one last dose of insanity/fun.


Located at Atlantis The Palm, this waterpark lets you enjoy another wild experience in this exciting city. You can hang out in your own cabana, grab an inflatable ring to float around the park or even be a bit more adventurous and take on some of the slides which will definitely bring out your child at heart.

There are multiple slides to choose from but one of my favourites was definitely the one where you could float through the aquarium, giving you the feeling that you are diving with sharks and or just trying to find your own Nemo. It’s a pretty surreal experience, something you can imagine you might have dreamt up when you were younger. I did a few laps, quite mesmerised by the sharks.

We experienced some awesome bars and more ‘grown up’ places in Dubai but if yore looking for more of a ‘family day out’ vibe, this is definitely the place. It’s super fun, so whack on the sunscreen and enjoy the Aquaventure, it won’t disappoint.

Check it out at atlantisthepalm.com.Aquaventure Aquaventure Aquaventure IMG_1950 IMG_1953

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