5 Years Of Bellroy | Carry Collections

Bellroy launched 5 years ago with a fresh idea to slim down the conventional wallet. The Bellroy concept stemmed from frustrations in design school with the typical wallet design and resurfaced a few years later at home in Bells Beach. Through the collective idea generation of some talented friends, concepts and ideas were tossed around and a few years later Bellroy was born.

The Australian based brand focuses on simple and elegant solutions to improve the way we carry, with a range of styles from everyday wallets to travel wallets and phone cases. Since 2010, they have made over 20 adjustments to their original Slim Sleeve, and introduced a bunch of other styles to the Bellroy range, all in an effort to solve the bulky wallet problem for good.

With the launch of Bellroy also came Carryology, a blog devoted to exploring better ways to carry. Thrusting themselves deep into the carrying world, the guys at Bellroy used the insights produced by the blog to reengineer the flawed bulky wallet and produce products that make it easier to carry and access all of our essential cards and notes.

Bellroy now offer an impressive range that’s expanded to phone cases and products specifically designed for travel and the outdoors. Each products solves a different problem and lives up to the brand’s short but rich history of quality design and caters to the needs of our multi-faceted lifestyles.

This year Bellroy launched Carry Collections – curated daily essentials designed to properly equip individuals for their particular lifestyle. These collections will ensure you’re set for everything that your daily adventure entails.

The All-Rounder

From a coastal escape to an urban adventure – these products are designs to be taken anywhere and never weigh you down.Bellroy

The Adventurer

Featuring all-weather protection, these products are engineered to handle everything from a stormy ride to a trek through mud flats. Bellroy

The Classic

Timeless products with considered design and attention to detail. This collection is for those who value ritual and notice the little things.Bellroy

The Jetsetter

Design to take the stress out of travel, these products are for those who love exploring the world, packing light and roaming free.Bellroy

The Minimalist

Simple products that have one job and do it well. If everything in your life has a place and meaning, this collection is for you. Bellroy

Check out the full range at bellroy.com.

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