Wild Turkey Master's Keep

Limited Edition Wild Turkey Master’s Keep

This limited edition, 17-year-old Bourbon heralds the next chapter of an extraordinary distilling family’s history. Marking his first release since being appointed to Master Distiller in January 2015 alongside his father, Eddie Russell and his Wild Turkey family announce the release of Wild Turkey® Master’s Keep.

The Russells are Kentucky based Bourbon experts with 95 years of experience between them. Master’s Keep is an experiment that Eddie has been working on since 1997. Jimmy Russell explained, “I tend to not like Bourbons aged longer than 12 or 13 years because they lose the caramel and vanilla flavours, but Eddie and I both agree thanks to the unique way this whiskey was aged we have something special here”.

Expanding on the flavour, Master’s Keep boasts a smooth and silky introduction, transforming into caramel and vanilla sweetness before finishing with a hit of spiciness and oak. Reflecting the passion and craftsmanship that went into the Bourbon, the bottle itself is made of the highest quality crystalline glass showcasing the rich color of the Bourbon it holds.

You can pick up a bottle of this extraordinary Bourbon for yourself at Dan Murphy’s – or check your nearest stockist here.Wild Turkey Master's KeepWild Turkey Master's KeepWild Turkey Master's KeepWild Turkey Master's Keep

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