Hotel Bel- Air Review
Hotel Bel- Air Review

Secluded Luxury in LA | Hotel Bel-Air Review

Before I started researching for my trip to LA, all I knew about the town of Bel-Air was what I had learned from Will Smith’s iconic character, the Fresh Prince. Much to my delight though I found that it was actually much more than the backdrop to Smith’s comedy genius and that there was a lot to discover there. Like Beverly Hills, Bel-Air is another highly affluent part of LA, filled with mansions and populated by celebrities. After staying in its sister property, Beverly Hills Hotel, I checked into Hotel Bel-Air, which proved to be just as, if not more, luxurious than the former.Hotel Bel- Air ReviewHotel Bel- Air ReviewHotel Bel- Air ReviewHotel Bel- Air ReviewThe hotel was tucked away through the winding hills in a secluded part of the town. The first thing I noticed when we arrived was just how abundant with greenery the place was. We passed through some beautiful gardens and even a pond with swans to get to entrance!

To get to our room we were guided along a series of outdoor paths and up some stairs before arriving at a large and unexpectedly modern room. I was surprised to see that considering how historical the exterior of the hotel looked. It was actually probably the most modern out of all the hotels we stayed at in LA in terms of gadgets in the room. There was an iPad set up on the desk with weather information as well as all the hotel service info which was really useful. Inside the spacious bathroom there was a control panel for the toilet where you could press a button to do anything from lift the lid and seat, flush, use the multiple bidet functions with varying pressure and more. It was like something out of the future (or Japan), and felt very luxurious!Hotel Bel- Air Review Hotel Bel- Air Review Hotel Bel- Air Review Hotel Bel- Air Review Hotel Bel- Air ReviewWhen we checked in we were lucky enough to have our room upgraded to one with a spa on the balcony. Once we had settled in a bit we jumped straight into the spa with drink in hand, overlooking the property and out to the valley. The large balcony also featured a fire place and sun loungers so it’s safe to say we did spend a bit of time out there.

Hotel Bel- Air ReviewHotel Bel- Air ReviewHotel Bel-Air Review Hotel Bel- Air Review One thing that really stuck out to me when staying at Hotel Bel-Air was that you hardly come across other guests and the rooms are all really private; the whole place is so quiet and peaceful. This made it easy to forget that you’re actually in a bustling city and not some remote retreat. To get to any of the more buzzing parts of LA it was a bit of a drive but that wasn’t so bad if you’re just heading out to neighbouring Beverly Hills.Hotel Bel- Air Review Hotel Bel- Air Review Hotel Bel- Air Review Hotel Bel- Air ReviewWhen going for a wander around the property I had to be careful not to get lost! Calling Hotel Bel-Air a hotel is doing the property a disservice since it’s more like a collection of luxury villas set amongst beautiful gardens. I eventually came across the pool which was a truly idyllic place to just chill out and maybe sneak in an afternoon snooze. Loungers line the pool’s edge and as always, there were staff on hand to set you up with towels and drinks. Hotel Bel- Air ReviewHotel Bel- Air ReviewHotel Bel- Air ReviewHotel Bel- Air ReviewWe decided to place an order for room service breakfast for our next morning at the hotel and were pleased when it arrived right on the dot. As always the service was extremely commendable and couldn’t be faulted. We wish we could have stayed there longer and it will definitely be at the top of my places to re-visit next time I head back to LA.

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