Samsung Series 9 65 inch JS9500 Curved 4K SUHD TV

Samsung Series 9 65-Inch Curved 4K SUHD TV Review

If you’re serious about TV, chances are you probably want a seriously big TV. Now, I thought the 65-inch TV that was recently delivered to my apartment from Samsung was big, but apparently according to the guys that dropped it off, this TV is ‘mid range’. Whatever you call it nowadays, it’s a huge step up from my old 40-inch and as soon as anyone walks into my apartment they are wowed by it. ‘It’ being the Samsung Series 9 JS9500 65-Inch Curved 4K SUHD TV.

If you’re looking to go top notch and spend several thousand on your TV, you probably already know a thing or two about them. One of Samsung’s big draw cards for this model is Nano Colour. More colours, contrast and brightness is delivered through Nano Crystal technology and as soon as you switch the thing on you notice the stunningly detailed images.Samsung Series 9 65-Inch JS9500 Curved 4K SUHD TVThe curved design is inspired by the human eye and it really does make you feel more immersed in the action. The beautiful form would blend seamlessly with a room full of modern designer furniture. When you’re sitting right smack bang in the middle of the screen it actually feels like you’re no longer looking at a TV, more like it’s looking in on you – which really sets you up for a fantastic viewing experience.

It’s hard to describe how nice the 4K screen looks in words, but as soon as you set eyes on it you will know why I’m raving about it. It features four times the amount of pixels than the already impressive Samsung Full HD. This provides amazing details on the large screen and images are super sharp.Samsung Series 9 65-Inch JS9500 Curved 4K SUHD TVWith this TV, it’s like Samsung have challenged themselves to see just how much ‘smart’ they can pack into this smart TV. A sign of great, user-friendly design, the Smart Hub interface is really easy to use straight off the bat. With options on the remote to click through channels or use more of a computer mouse motion to scroll and dart around anywhere you like, navigation is quick and intuitive. It feels more like you’re using a computer that’s been specifically designed for watching stuff. There are shortcuts to your favourite content and if you can’t decide what to watch you can also have two different content sources going at once with Multi-link Screen.Samsung Series 9 65 inch JS9500 Curved 4K SUHD TVWhen I hooked the TV up to my home network, that was when the full potential was really unlocked, including the ability to wirelessly mirror the movies and TV shows that I had on my phone and tablet on the big screen. Apps wise, my biggest go to was Netflix, along with YouTube, ABC iView and I even checked the weather a couple of times when I was thinking of getting off the couch for a bit. I do have to admit that I’ve spent a lot more time watching TV than I used to since this has been in my living room. I’ve realised that in addition to the stellar screen it is also the ease of use and instant access to a whole bunch of different video sources that draws me in.

Something I haven’t mentioned yet is One Connect – a beautiful metal box that’s packed with connection ports for Samsung’s 4K TV range. This dramatically reduces the amount of ports on the actual TV, and I found it helps in keeping a herd of ugly cables out of sight. Samsung Series 9 65 inch JS9500 Curved 4K SUHD TV Samsung Series 9 65 inch JS9500 Curved 4K SUHD TVIn conclusion, the Samsung Series 9 JS9500 65-Inch Curved 4K SUHD TV feels like a step forward into the future of TV. Much more than a beautiful screen, this TV has brains too. Brains that let you kick back and watch anything you like in a matter of seconds – and boy does it look good.

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