philips series 7000

Philips Series 7000 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

If there’s one part of the day where time is of the essence, it’s mornings. For some reason, sleeping in the morning feels way better than sleeping at night. So whilst you never want to go to bed early, I’d have a guess that you set your phone to wake you up at the very last minute possible in order to get you to work just in time… and then you probably hit snooze.

The Philips Series 7000 Electric Shaver can, quite literally, shave the hairs off your face and time off your morning ritual because on top of being able to shave wet, this guy can shave dry. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like shaving dry with a standard razor… you certainly only ever do that once.

To allow a comfortable dry shave, this shaver employs the help of ‘comfort rings’ that are coated in micro-beads to ensure a super smooth glide over a completely dry face, meaning that your shave is done in about a minute. For the closest shave possible, there are 5 directions of flex from the 3 shaving heads. If you need to, you can easily snap off the shave head and snap on the precision trimmer to finish off the edges. And if you’re so inclined, there’s an app that includes a how-to section along with the ability for it to track how you’re shaving and suggest improvements. Of course, on special days, you can wet shave with shaving cream if you’d like.

Maintenance is also incredibly easy because it comes with a cleaning stand. Plug in the shaver when it tells you and it’ll go to town cleaning your shaver on your behalf ready for a refreshing tomorrow. All up, we think time is pretty important, and we’d hate you to be wasting it – consider investing in an electric shaver and saving some of that precious sleep in time. We’ve been very happy using the Philips Series 7000 and it’d take a bit of convincing for us to change.

Check it out at philips.com.au.

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