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Gain Insight Into Your Daily Habits With Realifex App

Not widely regarded as the most manly task, writing a daily journal or diary is unfortunately seen as something for angsty teens and that keeping an introspective record of your life is a frivolous activity for someone with too much time on their hands.

However, as technology pervades almost every aspect of our lives these days, the more connections we have available to us the easier it is to lose connection with ourselves. This may sound cliché but there is a growing trend in dissatisfaction with our technologically enhanced lives and some feel the need to disconnect entirely. But others have found ways to utilise these new advances to aid us in our constantly changing existence.  

One such aid is a new app for iOS called Realifex, created and designed by Alex Prate. Realifex, short for Real Life Experience has been designed as a way to get in touch with yourself again, rather than spending periods of inactivity constantly glued to your devices searching for distraction, Realifex aims to allow you to record your daily experiences and reflect on how they weigh on your own positive or negative thoughts and moods.Realifex App Studies have shown that introspection and the recording and detailing of our own internal workings has a positive effect not just on mental but physical health. As Alex proclaims “In this day and age everyone is on their phones all the time, this app utilises that habit and turns it into a positive activity by allowing users to become more mindful of their own perception of life. Rather than allowing people to hide behind their phones, they can use their phone to make better life choices to suit their lifestyles.”Realifex AppRealifex contains many features that help users organise their thoughts and emotions. These include:

  • Life Flow – users can insert or search for #topics included in their notes
  • Life Map – users can see where they feel, whether positively or negatively
  • Life Path – sees trends in the users’ emotions over time
  • Life Focus – sees which aspects of the users’ life influences them the most and in a positive or negative way
  • Life Summary – sees an overview of the users’ life, how they feel and the combined impact of the users’ experiences.

Realifex AppAlex hopes that users of Realifex can capture their experiences, privately, and use the data they record to easily create insight into their daily habits, rituals and overall life experience. Quick and easy dictation via iPhone or Apple Watch will allow users to quantify the positive and negative aspects of their lifestyles and hopefully allow them to make changes that will allow for positive outcomes. He added that “Users will be able to easily search their records and using the built in data records, make informed choices about the important parts of their lives.” 

If you’re unsure whether this app is for you, you may be interested to hear that 55% of Realifex’s users are men. Also, an update to the app has just been released which includes contextual data (heart rate, steps, weather, calories burned, sleep), automatically added to users’ notes.

Check out realifex.com for more info.

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