Edifier R2000DB Review

Function Meets Style | Edifier R2000DB Review

If you’re yet to discover the world of Edifier, let me introduce you. Specialising in premium audio solutions with an emphasis on technological innovation and design elegance, Edifier produce speakers for the home, office and beyond. Their products are eye catching and sleek, with attention to detail when it comes to both form and function.Edifier R2000DB Review I recently picked up the Edifier R2000DB. These are versatile speakers built to handle a variety of different inputs, both wired and wireless. Bluetooth, RCA and Optical are all available so I set them up on each side of my tv, utilising all of the inputs and seamlessly switching between sources with the included remote.Edifier R2000DB Review Before I get into the details of how they sound and how user friendly they are, we should talk about how they look – because after all, if you don’t like the way something looks, you’re probably not going to buy it. I don’t think this will be in issue when it comes to the R2000DB speakers – I was drawn in by the elegant piano black finish and their understated overall appearance. I have a lot of wooden furniture, and although Edifier make some beautiful woodgrain case speakers such as the R1700BT and R1280T, I opted for black as it would provide a nice contrast.Edifier R2000DB ReviewThe slanted design looks great on bookshelves and tv consoles, and the removable speaker grille gives the units more of an industrial look when taken off. I’ve actually found myself putting them on and off a few times since I’ve had the speakers as I can’t decide which look I like more.Edifier R2000DB ReviewOn the back of one speaker are controls for volume, bass and treble, alongside the various inputs. The power cord also comes out of this same speaker. The other speaker is simply connected via one cable only – which is handy for reducing unsightly cable mess.Edifier R2000DB Review Edifier R2000DB ReviewAt first, I thought having the control for volume on the back was going to get annoying, but to be honest, I haven’t really touched it since day one. Everything i do is controlled via the small, lightweight remote that comes included. You can switch audio source, change the volume, mute and turn on/off all without getting out of your chair.Edifier R2000DB Review When I plugged them in and switched on some tunes I was very impressed with the sound quality – it was really crisp and the clarity at higher volumes was particularly impressive. The R2000DB has built in digital signal processing and dynamic range control to minimise distortion.Edifier R2000DB ReviewSpec wise for the R2000DB there’s a channel separation of ≥45 dB and a frequency response of 55Hz-20KHz(±3db). The newly developed 25mm silk dome tweeters make even the slightest sound clear. With sound quality like this, one of the most impressive features of these speakers is the price tag, AU $369.95. Usually when tech companies place such importance on design and quality, the price is something that makes you wince. With the R2000DB, Edifier have managed to bundle up design, quality and affordability into a purchase you won’t regret.

Check it out at edifier.com.

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