Champagne Gift Guide
Champagne Gift Guide

Champagne Guide For The Festive Season

Champagne, brut, sparkling or just ‘bubbles’, there’s something special about a nice cold glass of champagne that makes celebrating occasions with this drink all the more enjoyable. We’ve selected a few of the many worthy contenders to help you decide which cork to pop over the festive season.


Bollinger Special Cuvée

Bollinger or ‘Bolli’ as it’s affectionately known is a premium champagne with a strong following. Their Special Cuvée is one of the best French champagnes available. Full bodied with a matured oak base and a distinctively toasty character, its Bollinger style is perfectly suited for toasting to New Year’s resolutions.Champagne Guide For The Festive Season



Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label

Instantly recognisable by its yellow label and gold neck foil, Veuve Clicquot enjoys its position at the top of champagne lists due to its worldwide popularity. Behind the popular vote lies a full bodied champagne with a sweetness claimed to taste like buttered toast, brioche and biscuits, with a tartness and flavour that is long and drawn out. Perfect, whether savoured with dinner or raised in celebration.Champagne Guide For The Festive Season



Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne

A non-vintage champagne which perfectly reflects the house style of Taittinger. Subtle flavours deliver a crisp well balanced and easily drinkable tipple whose fruity flavours pair perfectly with charcuterie or as an apperitivo with an Italian salumi board.Champagne Guide For The Festive Season



Egly-Ouriet Grand Cru Brut Tradtion

Touted as an exuberant, brilliantly flavoured Brut with a ‘radiant, broad shouldered’ disposition. The Grand Cru Brut from Egly-Ouriet is equal parts spice and smoke with a mineral richness, topped with a dazzling finish. A champagne with a flavour that is grandiose in both its breadth and depth.Champagne Guide For The Festive Season



Billecart-Salmon Brut Sous Bois

Masterfully blended from a selection of three grape varieties, the Brut Sous Bois evokes the ancient flavours and ephemeral temperament of the traditional French champagne. Rich aromatics deliver a deep fruity nose and combine perfectly with a smooth and mature mouth feel. Bursting with flavours of dry fruits, fresh citrus, buttery smooth notes and a rich toffee. To be savoured whether drunk by itself or accompanied with food.Champagne Guide For The Festive Season



Bollinger Spectre Vintage Brut 2009

Paying homage to the suave British spy, 007 – the Spectre vintage brut is a limited edition Grand Cru terroir. With sharp crisp notes of citrus balanced against stewed fruits, a hint of vanilla and with an oaky finish this sophisticated champagne is a sure fire way to enjoy yourself in style.Champagne Guide For The Festive Season


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