Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet
Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet

Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet Review

If you’re anything like me when you’re travelling, you know that queasy, pre-flight nervous feeling way too well. It’s not a fear of flying, but a fear of not having everything you need! We’ve all heard the horror stories of lost documents, stolen credit cards and damaged passports… that’s where the Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet comes into play and steals the show.Bellroy Elements Travel WalletI recently travelled around the US for a few weeks, giving me a chance to experience the Elements Travel Wallet first-hand. It was such a great relief knowing there was one less thing to worry about with all of my essentials stashed safely inside.Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet Made from water resistant, heavy-duty leather, the Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet is nicely designed with a number of internal pockets to hold your passport, cards, notes and coins. There’s even a dedicated slot for the included micro travel pen and enough room for your phone to squeeze in.  Bellroy Elements Travel WalletThe waterproof exterior and zip does wonders for your peace of mind, knowing that no matter where you are, your travel essentials are fully protected from the elements. It’s worth noting that the wallet is only water resistant and not waterproof, so although it works well in storms, we wouldn’t recommend scuba diving with wallet in hand.Bellroy Elements Travel WalletI particularly love the included micro travel pen which came in handy more than you would expect… remember those customs forms they spring on you before you land? The biggest plus for me is the wallet’s appealing aesthetic and quality feel. Available in three colour options; black, cognac and slate (pictured), the Elements Travel Wallet is definitely a step-up from the beige body belt.Bellroy Elements Travel WalletSave yourself from the worries of travel with the Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet. 

Check it out at bellroy.com.

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