Apple iPad Pro Review & What My Friends Think Of It
Apple iPad Pro Review & What My Friends Think Of It

Apple iPad Pro Review

The iPad Pro is the biggest change to the iPad lineup since the iPad was introduced. Specifically because it’s actually the biggest iPad ever and it also introduces 2 new input devices: Pencil and the Keyboard Cover. With the Pro, Apple is pushing iPad into new territories, into creative territories that it hasn’t been to before. Whilst iPads have traditionally been great for consumption, with the addition of Apple’s new Pencil & keyboard, this one excels at creation also. We passed the iPad Pro around to a bunch of different people and here’s what happened.

First, we gave it to an artist friend. Naturally, an iPad with a pencil, is perfect for artists. He was immediately captivated, noting how smooth and realistic the Pencil was to sketch with. Straight away, he knew how to use it and started creating something much better than my limited drawing ability allows, it was great to watch. Pressing down harder left a darker stroke, using the Pencil on its side acted just like a real pencil and was great for shading. He noted how incredibly responsive it was and that the iPad could easily keep up with him. He explained how some styluses couldn’t keep up and the lines came out like a computer drew them, then after you lifted the stylus it would create a fake smoothing of the line. The Apple Pencil didn’t do this and this allowed him to create what he wanted and not what the computer wanted. We think we sold him on the Pencil because he didn’t really want to hand it back.Apple iPad Pro Review & What My Friends Think Of ItWe also took it to a tech startup and gave it to one of the UX designers there. They swore to always do initial screen design wireframes using pencil and paper because they liked the feel of it. We convinced them to try the Pro. Initially they were skeptical but as time passed you started to see that they picked up on the advantages. They could easily duplicate sketches and make changes way faster than on paper but still being as simple as paper technically. This means they could try a whole range of options super quickly… sometimes these guys do hundreds of iterations before landing the perfect design – so this was a time saver. Designs could easily be sent as pdfs and jpegs to developers or shared straight to Trello boards, and they looked beautiful – that’s always a way to get designers to like something.Apple iPad Pro Review & What My Friends Think Of ItFor us we found that typing on the keyboard, something we do a lot of, had a beautiful feel. The display was large, hi-res and beautiful. Text was so crisp and clear. Although you can split screen on this iPad, we loved the simplicity of focus and having just one app up at a time. Although, when we weren’t writing, we sometimes had Slack up on one side and Safari on the other – this made the iPad much more useful in a business setting. Editing photos with the Pencil was fun and super useful… I’d say we could probably run Hey Gents on this iPad.Apple iPad Pro Review & What My Friends Think Of ItAt home, the display was big enough to use it as a second TV, streaming Netflix, Stan, Foxtel was pretty sweet and the speakers were impressive, quite impressive… we loved the sound. With such a big display, it was great for online shopping as well as reading blogs and watching YouTube. Funnily enough we also found that the pencil was actually really useful for some games, lifting our top scores somewhat.

Carrying it around, taking notes, drawing sketches – it was all pretty useful. The white Apple Pencil is minimal in it’s design, looks great in my everyday carry stash and looks professional on a meeting table. I think I got more done with this set up, I definitely had more fun doing it. I love where this is going. Now, to take a drawing class.

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