Your Everyday Adventure Companion | Hitcase Snap

The Hitcase Snap is much more than your standard iPhone case. It’s an extension of the device itself – adding protection and redefining mobile photography, all in a super slim profile. Ideal for capturing any moment on the fly, after spending some time using the case, you won’t know how you managed without it.Hitcase-Snap-Lifestyle-Web-03Hitcase-Snap-Lifestyle-Web-03Making the Hitcase Snap what it is, it comes packaged with a TrueLUX Wide Lens, ShootR Extension Pole, Lens Keychain, Silicone Lens Cap, Tripod TiltR and Lanyard. Breaking this down, at the centre of it all is the lens which allows you to capture stunning photos with 104° field of view. This is then complimented by the brand’s signature ShootR Pole which helps you get those angles that your arms simply aren’t designed for.Hitcase-Snap-Lifestyle-Web-03Hitcase-Snap-Lifestyle-Web-03Hitcase-Snap-Lifestyle-Web-03The Hitcase Snap also features the Railslide Mouting System which is compatible with their range of mounting accessories designed for all types of different activities where you can’t be holding your iPhone in your hand. The included TiltR mount lets you attach your case to any standard tripod if you have more time to set up that steady shot or video.Hitcase-Snap-Lifestyle-Web-03Hitcase-Snap-Lifestyle-Web-03

Topping off the package is the Hitcase lens keychain where you can store and protect your lens. It also doubles as a bottle opener which is bound to come in handy more often than you can imagine.

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