Beverly Hills Hotel Review
Beverly Hills Hotel Review

The Famous Hangout | Beverly Hills Hotel Review

The Beverly Hills Hotel is an icon, with the affluent town actually being named and built around it. It has been around for over 100 years and its history is filled with celebrity and scandal. Beverly Hills was my first stop in LA after a week of travelling in Hawaii, and my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to be able to stay in the iconic hotel for a couple of nights before hitting the next stop.

Our plane landed late at night and we quickly jumped into a taxi to take us to the hotel. We knew we were somewhere special when even our taxi driver was amazed by the houses we were passing on the way to our destination. The streets were lined with larger than life mansions and the driveways were full of luxury cars to match.

Beverly Hills Hotel Review Beverly Hills Hotel ReviewBeverly Hills Hotel Review Beverly Hills Hotel ReviewAs we approached the hotel it was easy to spot the distinctive gates, although that is something better appreciated in the day time. We arrived around 10pm and were quickly greeted by a whole host of hotel porters who welcomed us warmly and swiftly took our luggage off us and took it straight up to our room. The service was already outstanding, we didn’t have to lift a finger! At reception we were given a handy verbal tour of the hotel, including a variety of dining options and directions on how to get to the famous pool. At this point is seemed like everything about the hotel had a story about someone famous to go with it.Beverly Hills Hotel Review Beverly Hills Hotel ReviewBeverly Hills Hotel ReviewBeverly Hills Hotel ReviewThe decor and design of the Beverly Hills Hotel is definitely unique; it was like nothing I had ever seen before. The pink and green stripes gave the place a very vintage look and while it certainly wasn’t my cup of tea in terms of styling, it certainly had its own vibe and made it undoubtably luxurious and memorable.

In the morning we had breakfast in a secluded and intimate outdoor spot at the Polo Lounge, known for being a favourite amongst Old Hollywood stars like Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich and the Rat Pack. I opted for the Belgian waffles to kick off my day. They were simple but extremely satisfying.Beverly Hills Hotel Review Beverly Hills Hotel Review Beverly Hills Hotel Review Beverly Hills Hotel ReviewOur day was spent shopping, an obvious choice of activity in Beverly Hills. The hotel isn’t in the Rodeo Drive part of the town, but further into the residential area which added to its air of exclusivity. We didn’t mind going out of the way a bit to get there because driving back through the mansion lined streets made us feel like we were going back to our own private mansion too.

The next day was spent by the pool, as many iconic figures had done before us. It was pretty quiet while we were there in late-September, though the weather was stunning. Apparently in summer it gets to be quite buzzing. Again, the service was outstanding with a staff member setting us up with our own towels and lounges when we got there.Beverly Hills Hotel ReviewBeverly Hills Hotel Review Beverly Hills Hotel Review Beverly Hills Hotel ReviewBeverly Hills Hotel ReviewOur last day at the Beverly Hills Hotel quickly approached and after we had checked out and left, the Uber driver taking us to the next hotel was just as in awe of the property as we were when we first saw it. It clearly wasn’t representative of the kind of places regular LA residents frequently see. On we drove to our next destination and sister property of the Beverly Hills Hotel; Hotel Bel-Air.

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