Laser WFQ10 Multi Room Speaker
Laser WFQ10 Multi Room Speaker

Laser WFQ10 Multi Room Speaker

Australian tech company Laser have stepped into the marketplace with their own take on multi-room audio, with their latest audio device the WFQ10. Obscure model number aside, the WFQ10 is a modestly sized and quite attractive multi-room ready sound system which utilises the Qualcomm Allplay system. This allows it to stream high quality audio wirelessly, over home WiFi networks. Featuring two 20 watt speakers in a stereo setup the WFQ10’s relatively compact design still packs quite a punch when it comes to streaming full quality lossless audio over home networks. This is thanks to its dual band wireless connectivity meaning it can connect with 2.4 and 5 ghz connections giving it plenty of grunt and bandwidth for high bit-rate streaming.Laser WFQ10 Multi Room SpeakerBesides being able to connect to the other members of Laser’s wireless audio family – which will soon include a sound bar and sub-woofer – the Qualcomm system allows you to connect to and communicate with other Qualcomm enabled devices, meaning you can add it to pre-existing setups containing other brand’s products such as Pansonic, Lenco and Median, or can add them at a later date. This flexibility is a great advantage in today’s often competitive and changing audio market,  as well as consumer’s ever changing aesthetic tastes.Laser WFQ10 Multi Room SpeakerSetup is relatively simple, like many of today’s networked speaker ecosystems, everything is controlled through an app downloaded either through the Apple store or Play store for both mobile and tablet. Simply download the Qualcomm Allplay Jukebox software, connect to your wireless network in a couple of easy steps and stream away. It doesn’t matter which way you want to listen to music or how you want to access it, you’re pretty much covered. Internet radio, online streaming services such as Spotify or via connected storage you can access and play your music be it mp3 , AAC or Lossless such as FLAC.Laser WFQ10 Multi Room SpeakerAs a single unit and for an easily affordable price point of $179.95, one WFQ10 gives you admirable performance, though they really start to shine as a true multi-room system when you add more speakers into your setup. With up to 10 Qualcomm compatible products connected to one another, you can have your entire house blasting away your favourite tunes, handling anything you throw at them. You can also have each unit play as an individual, meaning each can play their own music or altogether for occasions when you need to shake the walls of your home or apartment.

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