iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

iPhone 6s vs 6s Plus | A Practical Guide to Deciding Which Size to Get

Ever since there was a size option for the iPhone 6, I have always faced the dilemma of which one to choose. Right before the 6 range was released, I made cardboard cut-outs to carry around, to figure out which size would be best. Without seeing both in real life, I chose the 6, as the Plus just seemed like it would be too big.

With the iPhone 6s it happened all over again. Having seen some of the other big phones on the market, I was again tempted to consider a Plus. Life is short, always choose a phone you’ll be happy with and if you can’t, just get both like I did. Obviously at some point I had to decide which one to actually keep, so here’s a series of tests I put them through to help me decide. A Practical Guide to Deciding On An iPhone 6s or 6s Plus?

The Pocket Test

The first thing to consider, is how do you normally carry your phone? The 6s fits in most pockets and is small enough to even go jogging with. It passes the front pant pocket and back pant pocket test with flying colours.

If you’ve always had a 6 and you’re planning to upgrade to a Plus, then you better consider upgrading your pockets as well. It sticks out of most pant pockets so when someone thinks you’re happy to see them, they’ll quickly be let down by the realisation that it’s just your iPhone 6s Plus. If you carry a briefcase, man bag or handbag on a regular basis, then it will be less of a problem.A Practical Guide to Deciding On An iPhone 6s or 6s Plus?

The Size Test

Go get a ruler and measure your palm from the base to the tip of your middle finger. If the span is around 16cm – 18cm, then the 6s Plus is going to be huge and you’ll definitely need both hands to handle it. If it’s between 19cm – 20cm, that’s a good size for either phones but you’ll still need to juggle the Plus with two hands every now and then. If it’s 20cm or above then congratulations if the myth is true.

The One Handed Test

Think about how often you have to use your phone using only one hand, try not to think dirty thoughts, although that is a legitimate consideration. For example, if your job is to walk dogs, then you probably need one hand to hold the leash, leaving only the other hand to use the phone. So, unless your palm measured above 20cm, it would probably be very challenging to use an iPhone 6s Plus single handedly. I work at a desk job so both hands are often free.A Practical Guide to Deciding On An iPhone 6s or 6s Plus?

The Car Cup Holder Test 

The first thing I do when I jump into the car is drop my phone into the cup holder. The iPhone 6s fits perfectly into the holder but the Plus does not fit at all. Believe it or not, this was almost the most significant deal breaker.

The Activeness Test

Are you an active person? Do you regularly go jogging or trekking? If so, you probably want the lighter phone. The Plus, weighs 192 grams and it’s big, it’s not that heavy but heavy enough to be annoying in your pocket. Also, imaging running with a 5.5 inch screen attached to your arm band… do they even make arm bands for that size?

The Sagger Test

If you like to wear your pants around your knees, weighing at 192 grams, the Plus will ensure that you are wearing them around your ankles.

To put this to the test, I slipped the iPhone 6s in the right back pocket of my jeans and the 6s Plus in the left back pocket of my jeans. I pulled them up to ensure that they sat squarely on my hips and then walked for about 50 meters. A little more than half way in, my jeans were so low… I said-a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie. To the hip hip hop-a you don’t stop the rock it to the bang-bang boogie, say up jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.

Analysis of the result showed that the left side (6s Plus) was definitely revealing much more hip-hop than the right. The iPhone 6s weighs in at a lighter 143 grams.A Practical Guide to Deciding On An iPhone 6s or 6s Plus?

Finger Muscle Test

Do you have weak fingers? If so, the 6s Plus may cause finger muscle fatigue after minutes of use. I would not recommend getting the Plus in this instance. Due to the amount of typing I have to do each day, my fingers are quite muscular and are able to withstand the weight of the Plus.

Camera Test

The biggest difference apart from the screen is that the 6s Plus comes with optical image stabilisation, so if you take a lot of photos or videos, this is definitely the size to consider. With the iPhone 6s Plus, your night photos will turn out sharper and more vibrant and videos taken on the move will be a lot smoother. Apart from screen size, this really is the biggest feature to take into consideration between the two phones.

That’s it, hopefully some of those pointers do actually help you decide which size to get.

For more specs and info, go to the Apple site.

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