Easiest Way To combat Greys In Your 20s And 30s

Easiest Way To Combat Greys In Your Twenties & Thirties

Okay, so you have some greys creeping through, or you’re terrified of the thought – either way there’s no reason to stress about it. Fact is, it’s going to happen to pretty much everyone at some point, but modern day men’s grooming has got your back. It’s now simpler than ever to keep the look you’re after.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should cover those greys then let me ask you some questions that should squash any hesitation. I’ve also taken the liberty of answering the questions for you. 1) Do you have five spare minutes every five weeks? Yes. 2) Can you cover greys and still have your natural looking colour? Yes. Well then, that’s pretty much it – it’s unbelievably easy to take control of your hair. After all what’s more manly – being scared about getting rid of your greys and not doing anything about it even though deep down you’d prefer not to have them, or actually doing something about it and getting on with your life. So I guess the real question is why aren’t you already taking care of it.

Just For Men conducted a study with Neuro Insights to find out people’s natural response to men with grey hair and then the same man using Just For Men to have natural looking treated hair without greys. They found that there was an overall spike in preference for natural looking treated hair as opposed to grey hair, which should give you the confidence to get off that fence and do something about it – you’ve read this far, so it obviously bothers you.


Think of all the other ways we as men take care of ourselves to achieve a certain look –  we exercise, we get haircuts, we shave, we buy certain clothes – all so we look the way we want. Maintaining your natural looking hair colour is just another piece of the puzzle and at the end of the day, it’s just not that big of a deal.

Reading back through this, I may have been a little harsh – but if you don’t feel your age, I just want to help. Seeing as Hey Gents is a men’s lifestyle blog – it’s really the perfect platform to help guys out in areas like this, especially because it’s so easy to keep your hair looking the way you want. We cover a lot of awesome products but sometimes you need something that just works – and that will often make you the happiest.Easiest Way To Combat Greys In Your 20's And 30'sFind out more about keeping a natural looking head of hair as well as which products will work best for you at JustForMen.com.


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