Awesome Tech Gear For Christmas

Awesome Tech Gear For Christmas

Smart watches, action cameras, portable speakers, noise-cancelling headphones, tablets and more – in this day and age there’s bound to be some form of tech gear on your Christmas list. If not, there will be after reading this…


Bose QC 25 headphones

Better sounding and more comfortable than ever. The QC 25s offer a deep and powerful soundstage coupled with noise cancelling technology and an easily foldable construction for traveling. Ready for work, rest and play – anywhere, anytime.

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Moto 360 Android Smart Watch

With a clean and classic look, the Moto 360 syncs with any android smart phone running 4.3 or higher. With voice response, a large and clear display and feature rich application compatibility, this is classically styled timepiece with brains.

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TomTom Bandit Camera

Easy to mount and ready to record at a moment’s notice, the Bandit action cam features a range of sensors to record all your adventures whether it be boarding alpine peaks, surfing, riding or anything else that gets your blood pumping. Quick and easy editing is available through an easy to use iOS app.

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Sonos PLAY:5

The undisputed king when it comes to multi-room audio, the Sonos PLAY:5 is ready to blast your summer tunes either alone or grouped with others from the Sonos range. The new Trueplay tuning means your music will sound amazing no matter what room it’s in.

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G-Technology G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt

This 1TB drive is cocooned in a high quality yet lightweight, shock resistant and water tight case. It features a thunderbolt input/output that supports high res displays and data devices with one simple cable. Perfect for infield editing, backups and transfers for those on the go.

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Apple iPad Pro

Faster, clearer, better, stronger. The iPad Pro is a feature rich addition to the iPad family. With more raw power and grunt than ever before, but still packed into the sleek form we’re familiar with, it comes in silver, gold and space grey with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + Cellular options and up to 128gb of storage space. The Apple pencil and the keyboard are essential accessories to have with the iPad Pro.

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DJI Inspire 1 Drone

Aerial cinematography is easy, cheap and near effortless with the Inspire 1. A new, sleek and feature rich camera quadcopter format drone. Stunning 360 degree aerial shots are easily done in 4k and 1080p in 24 – 30 FPS*. With crystal clear shots and world class stability. Being packed with tonnes of features makes it awesome for budding amateur and professional cinematographers.

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Philips B5 SoundBar System

The B5 is a modular soundbar capable of splitting into three separate pieces to create a surround sound setup. Two satellite speakers can detach from the main body and provide a robust audio experience with the ease of use and compact design of a regular sound bar. The additional Sub provides dark and punchy bass rounding out the acoustic signature, ready for anything be it your favourite tracks or movies.

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