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3 Ways To Hack Spring Cleaning

If there’s one thing that guys dread the most, it’s probably cleaning. And if you’re anything like me, your spring cleaning is probably starting to turn into summer cleaning. I’m not exactly sure what it is but the thought of having to drag a big vacuum cleaner around the home systematically sucking every inch of the carpet and other surfaces just doesn’t sound that fun.

The problem is, it has to be done. But there’s good news, I’ve figured out how to at least make the choir of cleaning a lot less painful.

1. Invest In A Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming is possibly the most time consuming part of the process, especially if you use one of those vacuums that need to be plugged into the power socket and dragged around to different rooms. Despite having the strange satisfaction of watching all of the fluff, grit and other crap getting sucked off the carpet, it’s definitely a laborious task.

So why spend hours doing that yourself when you can get this little guy to do it for you. The Samsung VR9200 POWERbot will roam your home picking up dirt, lint and dust while you’re out enjoying yourself doing one of the million other things more fun than cleaning. This robot scans the layout of your rooms as it vacuums for the first time, remembering where it’s been and what obstacles lie in the way. It doesn’t bump into your furniture much as smart sensors allow it to detect objects before it hits them. If the sensor fails for some reason, there’s a delicate bumper on the front of the POWERbot that acts like those rubber edges on elevator doors and will stop if it feels an object in its way. Having said that, I’m not sure if this new version has updated software but the navigation seems to be a little more clumsy and hits into things and gets lost a lot more often than the previous version.DSC00079DSC00080The robot can be operated using the touch buttons located on the top of it or via the remote control. You can schedule in times for the vacuuming to happen, so while you’re at work might be a good time. On the highest suction power setting it can be a little loud, so having it work while you’re not at home is ideal. There’s also a medium and quiet mode which reduces the decibels considerably and extends the battery life but obviously it won’t be as effective.

One of the best things about the POWERbot over other robot vacs in the market is the see-through dust container. You can easily see how much dust and dirt is getting picked up which (a) makes it much more fun to watch and (b) let’s you know visually when it needs to be emptied.

The machine weighs a bit and there are two heavy duty tractor wheels that drive it around. It easily works its way over small terrain and cables. The previous version, namely the VR9000, had the issue of turtling itself on small ramp-like objects every now and then. The VR9200 does no such thing, I’ve seen something protrude from its tiny rear wheel lifting and ejecting the entire bot out of a sticky situation. It looks kind of freakish.

Since it’s a smart robot, of course you can connect it to wifi and control it with an app, however, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I’ve had a go and it’s a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Samsung’s “Smart Home” app really needs improvement. You have to log in every single time you want to use it and then you arrive at a clunky interface which just doesn’t really work the way that it should. You end up spending all the time that you saved on vacuuming trying to get it to work… it will drive you mad, so just leave it alone.

During operation, if the battery is low, it will intelligently find its way back to the charging station and dock itself to recharge. Having said that, every now and then it does look like it’s trying to find its way home after one too many drinks… at which point I just shout… ‘go home robot, you’re drunk’. Once the battery is fully recharged, it will journey back to where it last left off to continue the cleaning.

The best thing about having one of these Samsung VR9200 POWERbots is that once you get one, you’ll be able to get your home vacuumed as often as you like without lifting a finger… actually that’s not true, you’ll need to lift your finger to press the start button on the remote.DSC00085 DSC00084 DSC00083 DSC00082 DSC00081

Click here for more specs on the Samsung POWERbot VR9200.


2. Get A Handheld Cordless Vacuum

One day, someone will invent vacuum drones that fly around and suck up dust from all the surfaces of your home. Unfortunately until then, even the POWERbot won’t be able to help you. Using a feather duster is stupid because all you end up doing is displacing the dust rather than getting rid of it. That’s where the Dyson V6 handstick vacuum cleaner comes in handy, and it has the added bonus of sounding like a manly machine… let me get the V6 *grunt*.

The V6 comes with a brush head that lets you quickly collect dust on all surfaces, even delicate ones like TV screens, stereo speakers and leather sofas. There are two modes of operation, normal and max. For picking up surface dust, normal mode is plenty and will give you a longer battery life. DSC09964DSC09965The problem with any robot vacuum cleaner at the moment is that it doesn’t do the edges of the floor very well and it can’t get to the elevated skirting along the walls. So once the POWERbot has done most of the vacuuming, you can use the crevice tool on the V6 to finish off the job. Use the Max power button to really lift the dust out of edges, however beware that this will only give you 6 minutes of operation before needing a recharge.DSC09967If the Samsung POWERbot has missed any spots on the floor, you can do a quick once over with the V6 carpet head. The swivel mechanism is actually very well designed to maneuver in all directions so you won’t find a spot that’s too hard to reach. There’s also a different head for tiles, we tried it with spilt cereal and it works a treat. DSC09970DSC09978Don’t be fooled by how small and light the V6 is, the suction power is massive and if you had a small apartment, you could get away with just having this instead of one of those big corded vacuums. We totally recommend getting one of these.

Click here for more details on the Dyson V6 Absolute Handstick.


3. Dial Up The Music, In Every Room

Regardless of how you’re going to clean your home, there’s one thing that is absolutely essential. Remember, it’s an extremely laborious and strenuous task, so if there’s anything that can make it more enjoyable, you want that… and that one thing is having great music in the background.Sonos Play3 HiFi Wifi SpeakersIn the past, I’ve only had speakers in one room, my lounge room. The problem with this was that I could never really hear the music properly when cleaning in the other rooms. And with the vacuum on, I couldn’t hear it at all. Turning it up helped a bit but music just isn’t the same when it’s heard through walls. Sonos in Hotel HotelNow trust me when I say, use this as an excuse to get a multi-room speaker system because it will infinitely improve your enjoyment of cleaning. Start with 3 speakers, one for the lounge room, one for the bedroom and one for the bathroom. We absolutely recommend SONOS, it’s hassle free multi-room streaming and the music quality is superb especially with their new TruePlay technology – which basically lets you tune the speakers for optimum sound output based on the room and placement of them. TruePlay was developed with music industry experts to ensure that the sound produced from SONOS speakers in your own home, were as close to studio quality as possible. The process of tuning the speakers is very simple using just the free SONOS app and your iOS device.

We found that the best types of songs to listen to while cleaning are the ones you can sing along to! Sonos PlaybarClick here for more info on the SONOS range.

And that’s the 3 tips to make your cleaning experience a lot easier. Let us know if you have any other ideas for us to add to this list.

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