Through Teeth

Watch: Mere Footwear’s Odd New Campaign ‘Through Teeth’

Local label, Mere Footwear recently released their new collection of handmade shoes along with an anything but ordinary campaign video. The collection titled ‘Through Teeth’ sees the brand push the boundaries and challenge the general ideas surrounding who their shoes are made for.

When we asked designer, James Noakes to tell us about the collection, he gave us one of the most honest and down to earth answers we’ve ever heard:

“About the collection… Not really sure what write regarding that. I know that seems a little unprofessional but at the end of the day they are just shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I love each one… but I am not looking for a collection to tell a story in the product. I would rather do that within the shoots or present them differently during the season to make people wonder why or what was that?”Through TeethJames went on to explain a little bit about the practical side of the collection in relation to the season and shares some insight in regards to footwear trends in Australia:

“Obviously summer leans more towards the low cuts (mind you in saying that the boot culture is coming in thick and strong… much to my liking), and generally summer means a lighter pallet but with each collection I always will add something new, but also keep it true to the brand as well.”Through TeethJames told us that this is the first season where he’s started to portray the product on someone that isn’t typical to what’s around or being done:

“I am only just now finally doing what I want to do creatively and how I want Mere to be initially portrayed for each season. Wanting to do it in a way that Mere can not be pigeonholed just by the product, or by the model, or mood of the shoot. End of the day the shoes I make can be worn in so many ways by so many ages and genres of people that I figured I may as well leak the weird ideas I have in my head into the campaign shots. That way when the product is online they are not told who wears Mere or what they wear it with. They are just mere shoes at the end of the day.”

Check out the part one clip of ‘Through Teeth’ below to see how Mere is stepping outside of what could be predicted that the brand would make for a campaign video.

“This has been a super fun project to work on and I’ve been loving playing around with fun ideas and working with great people on them. It’s been a mixed reaction to the clip. A lot of people loved it and some were just like “yeah thats pretty weird” – which I love. Hoping the 2nd one can carry the same energy throughout as well as we will start shooting that soon.”

Check out the full collection at Mere.com.au.

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