BMW Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Is The Sexiest Android Phone

Looking at the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, it really is by far the sexiest phone on the market. The combination of soft and sharp edges make it exciting to look at and metal sides with glass front and back panels give it a premium feel. And yet, it’s relatively light.DSC09811It has a 5.7″ screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution giving it a stunning display. The colours are vibrant with great viewing angles. In daylight, the screen is bright enough to still be able to see comfortably.

The best thing about this is that, unlike the iPhone 6s Plus, it’s big but not heavy. Handling the S6 Edge Plus still requires two hands most of the time and the edges are slippery but it’s not unmanageable.

The unsexiest thing about the phone though is that the back panel is a huge fingerprint magnet. Every time you pick it up you’d want to rub it against your shirt to remove the marks.

The edges are beautiful, although tapping on links or buttons at the edge of the screen takes a bit of getting used to. There are a list of short cuts for people and apps that can be swiped into the display. We found that sometimes things accidentally get triggered due to inadvertent contact with the edge of the scren with the palm or other fingers gripping the phone. There’s a night clock mode which is really cool. It comes on after a pre-defined time of the day and shows basic time and weather info when in sleep mode.Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PlusThe other great thing about the Samsung S6 Edge Plus is the speed. It’s super fast for general use, swiping and multitasking is a breeze. There’s no lag at all and gaming is awesome with such a big screen, intense colours and smooth processing.

The home button is actually a finger print sensor for security, much like the iPhone it will scan your finger print for access without typing in a passcode.

The S6 Edge Plus comes in 32gb or 64gb but without an expansion slot, this could be a deal breaker for some people. Taking photos, videos and downloading games could suck up the 64gb very quickly.

Charging on the fast charger is impressively fast! And you definitely need this because the battery also drains pretty fast. One day of use isn’t too much of an issue if you’re not playing games on it.

The 16 mp back camera is amongst the best in the market. Photos turn out with good saturated colours and contrast. It also has optical image stabilisation, so taking photos in low light is a bit easier and videos are smoother. (See unedited indoor and night shots below).


Both front and back facing cameras have F1.9 aperture, which will give you a bit of background bokeh in your photos. The front facing camera is 5mp which will give you great selfies. In our opinion the S6 Edge Plus camera is still not as good as the LG G4 camera but is on par with the iPhone 6s Plus camera, with varying pros and cons between the two.

All in all, if Android is your choice of phone operating system and you want something that is fast, sexy and takes great photos, this is the one to go for.

BMW Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

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