The Classic Villa Christchurch | A Homely Hotel

There’s a definite rivalry amongst the North and South Island in New Zealand, and while the North is where you’ll find the hustle and bustle, the South is full of hidden gems. Enter The Classic Villa in Christchurch – this luxury boutique hotel advertises itself as just that, but it’s a whole lot more homely than anything we’ve ever experienced.

Where skyscraper hotel franchises lack in treating all their guests’ individual preferences, the modest Classic Villa is ready to tailor to all your needs. With four types of room to choose from, the personal experience begins even before checking in. The 12 rooms available are all given their own name, and differ in size and layout. We were lucky enough to grab a Super Deluxe Room for a two-night stay where a wood fire effect heater greeted us upon entry. As far as more exclusive hotel perks go, this was just the beginning.The Classic VillaPersonal breakfasts can be prepared before you wake, the staff is always on hand to help with any clueless tourist questions and the hotel volume is kept refreshingly low. This made sleeping easier than ever and on top of that, an electric blanket or the aforementioned wood fire heater (or both) are on call to add any extra cosy needs. We stayed in winter and this in comparison to other hotels is a godsend. Bathroom wise, underfloor heating, a heated towel rack and heated mirror made our winter stay all the more enjoyable. Not to mention with such a limited number of spaces available, the Wi-Fi isn’t ever clogged up with hundreds of hotel guests logging in at once. This makes business trip stays ideal and there’s even a 15 inch MacBook on hand if needed.the-classic-villa-bathroomAside from the room, the hotel is also rented out for local exhibitions. Our stay was lucky enough to coincide with an art exhibit. As far as things to do are concerned, this comes as a very original bonus, but the extras continue outside. The Classic Villa is located in Christchurch’s city centre. No need to ever hail a cab with restaurants, shopping centres and galleries all within walking distance.The Classic VillaWith all this being said, it comes as no surprise that The Classic Villa is a five times in a row winner of the Certificate of Excellence and is now listed in the TripAdvisor 2015 Hall Of Fame. For a homely stay like no other in New Zealand’s most underrated city, head to The Classic Villa website for room rates, pictures and more.The Classic Villa

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