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Tailored Suits, Excellent Wine & Other Perfect Finishes

It’s a perfect match – tailored suits and beautiful wine. There’s a high level of finesse that the two embody which propels them into superiority. For tailoring it’s the serious consideration of fit and fabrics. For wine it’s the attention to detail in producing depth, complexity and flavour. It takes innovation to go beyond what’s expected and craft something truly exceptional. Factors such as thoughtful design, skilled craftsmanship and the perfect finishing touches all come together to allow a handful of select products to stand out.

Melbourne based tailors, Oscar Hunt fully understand these concepts, providing their clients with a remarkable, customised experience when investing in a new suit. Their showrooms feature a dedicated tailoring workshop, private fitting rooms with stunning skyline views and a sophisticated lounge bar. The tailors build close relationships with their clients to reach the final product, crafted from a range of premium suit and fabric options and complemented by a full range of gentleman’s accessories for the perfect finishing touch. The Importance Of A Tailored Suit & Other Perfect Finishes | Hey GentsJacob’s Creek Double Barrel is to wine, what Oscar Hunt is to suiting. The two showcase distinct similarities such as finesse and the perfect finishing touches. Further proving their understanding of the importance of unique design across all aspects of a man’s life, the Oscar Hunt tailors explore this uniquely crafted wine in the video below. Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel is aged a second time in whisky barrels to give it a certain depth and complexity of rich, smooth flavour that makes it stand out.

Not just relevant to suits and wine, craftsmanship that goes the extra mile to stand out in its class should be enjoyed in our weekend wear too. Local label, Mocha Salt craft perfectly tailored swim shorts. It’s the finishing touches that make these timeless shorts truly stand out. They’re modern, cut with precision, made in Sydney and built to last. Features such as adjustable side tabs allow for the ideal fit, and two different leg lengths give the wearer the exact look they’re after. The Importance Of A Tailored Suit & Other Perfect Finishes | Hey GentsConstructed like a well-made pair of trousers, Mocha Salt understand what’s important and make the most comfortable swim shorts they can imagine. Utilising high quality fabrics, they’re quick drying and styled to suit the city too, rising far above a standard pair of swim shorts.

No outfit is finished without the perfect accessories. The Australian designers behind premium leather wallets brand, Bellroy have improved the way the modern man carries everyday things. Frustrated by the ugliness and impracticality of bulky wallets, they’ve crafted an extensive range of slim wallets that are expertly finished using quality leathers to provide a superior product.The Importance Of A Tailored Suit & Other Perfect Finishes | Hey GentsIt’s clear that all of the above makers are more than dedicated to their craft, they’ve immersed themselves into a world where they strive for the best everyday, knowing it’s the attention to detail that will give them the perfect finishing touch.

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel along with these other makers have demonstrated that in a market, and on a larger scale, a world where it’s extremely difficult to stand out, craftsmen who put the time and thought into challenging the status quo are the ones who ultimately achieve greatness.

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