Superior Australian Design & Craftsmanship Is All About The Finishing Touches

How do I create something new, something different? It’s the question millions of creatives around the world ask themselves everyday – it’s a constant strive to produce something truly unique. There are endless reasons why some ideas are successful and others are not – but if you don’t pay attention the the finishing touches, the whole thing will fall short.

The clothes you wear, the furniture in your home and the wine you drink – you’ve chosen them all for a reason. You might like the look or the taste, but it’s deeper than that. When you really think about it, it’s about the little things, the finishing touches that you appreciate and keep you coming back.

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel is a unique wine that’s aged twice, once in wine barrels and then again in aged whisky barrels. It’s details like this that we love and decided to explore where this exists in other industries that are a part of our daily life – such as the design of our homes and the furniture we fit it out with. After all, a man’s home says a lot about who he is as a person.

Handkrafted is a community marketplace that connects people with passionate makers to commission quality bespoke goods. In the video below, Handkrafted founder, Fred Kimel explores how that personal, final touch is what draws people into his community and shares his thoughts on the craftsmanship involved in the creation of Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel.

Mark Tuckey is an Australian furniture company with a focus on creating pieces that last a lifetime. In a world of rapidly changing trends there’s a real art in designing furniture that’s timeless in a way that buyers will be proud to own and use forever.Superior Australian Design & Craftsmanship Is All About The Finishing TouchesEach piece of furniture is custom made in their Melbourne workshop using recycled and sustainably managed timber. Showcasing quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in each and every piece, Mark Tuckey are a world away from mass produced designs that last a few years then end up in the council pick-up. Alongside quality materials and considered design, it’s the finer details and finishing touches that come together to produce a unique offering that makes this Australian furniture designer truly stand out.

Made By Cohen is the interior design practice of experienced Melbourne designer, Susie Cohen. With a love for simple designs, Made By Cohen place great importance on beautifully executed details in order to separate themselves from the pack.Superior Australian Design & Craftsmanship Is All About The Finishing TouchesTaking on only a few projects each year allows Made By Cohen to focus on creativity and produce superior work. With a love for natural lighting and materials that age gracefully, Susie Cohen knows these finishing touches will allow her work will acquire it’s own patina over time and produce something of substance.

Robson Rak are an award winning design firm that are passionate about challenging the architectural process in order to find new solutions, processes and ways to live. Focused on telling a story with every new design, the firm know that unique design is more than materials and craftsmanship.Superior Australian Design & Craftsmanship Is All About The Finishing TouchesRobson Rak harness and utilise their shared perfectionism to go the extra mile and produce work that goes beyond architecture into interior design in order to find that final touch of excellence. Their designs showcase how the user is always at front of mind during the creative process, with architecture that’s easy to maintain and will thoughtfully serve the user, standing the test of time.

Many parallels can be drawn between the design of the home and the art of winemaking. The main one being how in a search for something unique, the finishing touches are what makes the difference. The fact that Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel is aged a second time in whisky barrels gives it a depth and complexity that is unique in the category and produces a flavour that is rich and smooth – proving that the finish is just the beginning…

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