SONOS, just got even more awesome!

One of our favourite audio brands, SONOS, just made two massive announcements. In a grand move to further improve the listening pleasure of their smart speakers, SONOS are introducing “Trueplay”, the new speaker-tuning software that will optimise the sound from your SONOS speakers. And if you think that’s exciting, you can use it on the all-new PLAY:5 smart speaker that they have also just announced to be released later in the year.


SONOS has always been well known for its multi-room wireless smart speaker system. At the center of it, is intelligent software that effortlessly connects them all so that you have a perfectly synchronised tune playing throughout the home. However, no matter how good the speakers are, they will sound different depending on where they are placed in the home. The most obvious example of this is when you place speakers in the bathroom. A bathroom might provide great acoustics for singing your lungs out but the reverberation is not so speaker friendly.


SONOS is all about replicating studio-quality sound in the comfort of your own home, and they have taken a giant step to bringing you closer to this reality with, Trueplay. Trueplay will sit inside the SONOS app that’s already on your iOS devices and it will work with all new and existing PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 speakers. To do this, you just have to load up the app and start the auto-tuning sequence. The app utilises the microphone from your mobile device to listen to the tuning sound that’s emitted from the speakers and also reflecting off the wall and furniture surfaces. Once analysed the speaker is automatically tuned to give the optimal output, resulting in a near studio-quality listening experience.

All-New PLAY:5 

The most important component of having a great listening experience is the hardware. SONOS have taken everything they’ve learnt in speaker design and bundled it into the new PLAY:5. Everything externally has been simplified, the shape, the buttons and even the logo, whilst everything internally has been amped up. I had the pleasure of hearing the crisp partitioned sound delivered from these speakers and I can’t wait to experience them again. Built with six synchronised, custom-designed drivers, the speaker’s three mid-woofers create smooth mids and deep, powerful lows, and three tweeters deliver crystal clear highs at any volume.PLAY5_Black_Living_Room

The PLAY:5 was designed to work in any 3 different orientations. As a standalone speaker sitting horizontally, it can easily fill the room with your favourite tracks. Two SONOS PLAY:5’s can also be paired horizontally to spread the sound to every corner of the room or vertically to deliver top-of-the-line stereo sound with a focused and intense sweet spot.

The timeless design and future proof inclusions of this speaker will ensure that it will be relevant for many years to come – yes they’ve even thrown in a little extra something something in this version so that you don’t have to upgrade the hardware for future software updates. This speaks volumes about the ethos behind the brand – pun intended.

PLAY5_Black_Can’t wait to crank this bad boy up in my lounge room with my favourite tunes on High Definition.

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