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Boston & Stewill

Boston & Stewill Tourer II Chronograph

If you’re looking to upgrade an outfit from smart casual to formal, perhaps all it takes is a little accessorising. A worthy choice would be the Boston & Stewill Tourer II Chronograph – a lengthy title indeed, but to make a watch with this much class you have to avoid all shortcuts.

Based in London, the British company aimed to produce a stylish, timeless and quintessentially English chronograph. Drawing inspiration from vintage speedometers, the watch has an original feel whilst maintaining a classic look. Standard 1-12 hour markings are replaced by 10-120 km readings as homage to the measurement of speed that first inspired the watch.

Boston & Stewill believe watches should be designed to be passed down through generations, rather than look dated when the season changes. Enhancing the timeless appearance is the Tourer II’s racing design strap with deploy clasp that comes in brown or black leather. Not only limited to strap choice, the face of the watch comes in cream, white or black giving supporters the chance to mix and match.

Launching on Kickstarter, one look at their current pledged total and it’s safe to say the Tourer II is taking off. Fans of speed and classic style need look no further for a sophisticated design – so show your support to get this one over the line. You can also view the collection and sign up to their mailing list at bostonandstewill.com.

Pre-Order: Kickstarter

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