AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand | A Thrill Like No Other

If you’re looking for a rush, rather than building up a sweat watching COPS, why not jump off a ledge? Sounds thrilling enough, and with AJ Hackett Bungy it’s also safe, which I guess is an added bonus. We were in New Zealand recently, the home of Bungy jumping and the home of AJ Hackett. The man himself popularised the act when he illegally jumped off the Eiffel Tower in 1987. Fast forward to 2015 and his business has expanded all over the world.

After a night of deliberating and possibly tequila, we decided to give the AJ Hackett Queenstown Ledge Bungy a go. Smaller in stature than the mighty 134m Nevis Jump, the Ledge Bungy makes up for it with its setup allowing you to freestyle jump (just in case free falling the standard way wasn’t extreme enough for you). After even more reflection we decided to use the Ledge Bungy for what it was intended for, and backflip off. If you’ve never bungyed before, we can confirm that there’s nothing that can calm you before a jump. The check in staff take you through the motions and encourage you to have fun with it, while the gents hooking you up are also supportive, but anyone would struggle to wipe the fear from our faces.

If we could get a distraction from anywhere it was the view. The Ledge Bungy is setup in the most picturesque spot in Queenstown. A gondola ride takes you 400m above the city giving you an experience like nothing else. Most importantly, it lets you leave with incredible pictures like this.

AJ Hackett BungyWith professional photographers on hand, you’re guaranteed to leave with some HD evidence of what you’ve just achieved. Yet not only are you open to purchase a number of photos from different angles, video footage is also available, just in case you’re accused of photoshopping pictures as a means to look extreme.

For more info on the Ledge Bungy and all the other AJ Hackett jumps available, head to their website.

AJ Hackett Bungy AJ Hackett Bungy AJ Hackett BungyAJ Hackett Bungy

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