Wilderness Campervans | The Best Wheels For Your Roadtrip

A lengthy road trip should be high on any gent’s to do list, but it’s often put on hold if your Corolla can’t make it up a hill and you haven’t settled on a route. That’s where NZ based company Wilderness come into play. They offer unrivalled, decked out campervans, while our Tasman brothers provide picturesque drives that’ll have you picking your jaw up from the ground. Combine the two and you’ve got a holiday for the ages and all the right ingredients to see a spike in your Instagram followers.

While the NZ scenery isn’t up for debate, we’re up to divulge on how Wilderness came up trumps when selecting a campervan. A quick looksee on Google and you’ll find that NZ is flooded with campervan companies, so we wanted to save you the time, as the foundation of any road trip starts with the wheels.

Wilderness Campervans

Wilderness has 10 type of different vehicles available, so whether you’re riding solo or with a group of up to five, you’ll be covered. When we say covered, we mean comfortably. A complete 360 virtual tour is available online, but even that doesn’t do the openness of the campervans justice. After a lot of deliberation, we settled on the Freestyle model, which was more than cosy for two people.

Wilderness Campervans

Now to start a list of features as long as the road to Mordor (experienced first hand). First up, the driver seat is as comfortable as any gold class cinema can provide with an added spinning feature. If you’re staring at your itinerary knowing you have a 10-hour drive ahead of you, your throne is going to make it hell or heaven. Luckily it’s the latter in spades.

wilderness campervans

Secondly, the bed is as comfortable as my queen size purchase sitting in my room. Hidden up against the roof, it not only saves space during the day, but also impresses the campervan commune when you lower it at night. No doubt it gets freezing some nights across the ditch, but the sweet blend of air conditioning and heavy-duty blankets do more than enough to let you rest all night.

Undeniably, the most frustrating thing during a road trip will be searching and stopping for toilet breaks. The Wilderness campervans come with a pristine bathroom including a shower and toilet to stop that from ever spoiling the mood. On top of all this, a grill, four cooker stove, fridge, toaster and kettle will save you a bunch of cash from eating out each day. We stocked up on groceries on the first day and were sorted for over a week.unnamed-3If you plan on heading really rogue, Wilderness are happy to provide a GPS, WiFi router, maps, ferry ticket (vehicle included) and more to make your travels easier. With pickup available in either Auckland or Christchurch, you’re all sorted for the island to island journey.

Features aside, the Freestyle Campervan as well as the other models available look a whole lot flashier than the competition. For the complete list of features, including cruise control which makes long roads a breeze, as well as prices and interior pictures, head to the Wilderness website.  

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