Mr.Black Garment Essentials
Mr.Black Garment Essentials

Protect Your Threads With Mr.Black Garment Essentials

What’s more painful than watching your favourite pair of jeans, prized jacket or best shoes deteriorate before your very eyes? Nothing, the answer is nothing.


It’s handy to have a few maintenance tricks up your sleeve when you’re treating yourself to quality threads. Looking to save your clothes as well as money wasted rebuying, Mr.Black Garment Essentials look after your purchases with 100% natural ingredients.

Their products cover all bases including cotton, linen, denim, leather, wool, cashmere, delicates and sport materials and will save you from resorting to your colour-draining washing machine.

Mr.Black have recently released their complete collection of washes and refresh sprays to keep your whole wardrobe intact. Made from Australian, plant-based, biode-gradable ingredients, each formula has a specific role – we’ve included some of our favourites below.

Denim Wash & Denim Refresh Spray

Starting with the Wash, the enzyme free product helps maintain the original colour intensity of your denim clothes whilst minimising fading, shrinkage and stretching.

The Refresh spray is designed to prevent stains from ever settling in your denim. Through attacking the oils and surface dirt that causes odours, you’ll be extending the time between hand-washes.Mr Black Garment Essentials

Shoe Cleaner & Shoe Refresh Spray

Not just limited to your clothes, Mr.Black want to take care of your kicks as well. The cleaner spray comes from a powerful yet natural plant derived solution that dissolves grime and removes scuffmarks to help return your footwear to premium condition.

For anyone carrying unwanted odours in their shoes, the double strength Refresh Spray neutralises stenches and prevents them from coming back.Mr Black Garment Essentials

To shop the complete range of garment protecting products head over to Mr.Black’s website.

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Mr Black Garment Essentials

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