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Impress Your Date This Good Food Month

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. With so many male chefs around, I think we should rephrase that to… “A way to a person’s heart is through his/her stomach”. Well next month is your chance to fatten up your partner’s heart.

Last night, Hey Gents was lucky enough to experience a tastebud trifecta at, The Star. A preamble to the upcoming Sydney Morning Herald, Good Food Month festival, with Citi as the presenting partner, this was a feast fit for the fussiest of foodies – that was a mouth full, pun intended. We were lead on a culinary journey starting with a generous assortment of dim sums and steamed scallops for entree at, The Century. Then moving on to one of the best cooked grass fed fillet steaks we’ve ever had from, Black by Ezard. And finally rolling into Sokyo for an awesome yuzu & white chocolate cheesecake with blood peach granita and meringue for dessert.

Let’s just pause for a moment to think about that.  DSC09670Each course was accompanied by a set of wines from the wine partner of the Citibank Dining Program, McWilliam’s. It’s a pretty sweet deal to be able to order a bottle of these wines for free whenever you dine at any of the restaurants mentioned above (if you’re part of the Citibank Dining Program).


As part of the Good Food Month festival, the signature event, the Night Noodle Markets will be back from October 8th – 25th. If you’re a Citi customer, there’s no need to stand in long queues and then be fighting for a patch of grass to eat on like the rest of the schmoes. Just head over to the Citi VIP area for a proper table and chair, or just chill on their big lounge chairs and get food brought over to you by Citi Concierge. Become a customer, don’t tell your partner about it and just walk up to the Citi VIP area like a rockstar, impress them with the entry and then the food… and then the night will be yours. #score.

There’s a bunch of other events and offers during this festive food month, you can find out more here. If not already a customer and you’re feeling FOMO right now, then click here.

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