Brixton Launch New Spring Collection

Starting out with a group of three friends who were inspired by music, culture and the people they hung out with, Brixton has grown to become a go-to label for high quality everyday wear.


Spring 2015 Collection

The brand has just launched their new spring collection featuring well-constructed essentials. The range includes button-ups, pants, jackets, hats and more that are designed to stand the test of time.

The collection of modern, relaxed designs are paired with vibrant colours to create get-ups that can be toned down or dressed up with ease. You can chuck on the Cable Jacket over the Branson Woven Shirt with some Reserve Chino Pants and be ready for anything from a night out to lounging around on the weekend. Although perhaps most at home at a grungy live set in a run down garage, Brixton’s diverse range gives you the ability to incorporate the garments effortlessly into your own agenda.


Brixton Broadcast

Continuing to stay closely connected with the brand’s music roots, Brixton have launched their own international music event, Brixton Broadcast. The Broadcast has hit cities such as Barcelona, Berlin and New York, next on the wish list is Australia for 2016. They’re are a fun live music experience that further conveys the story behind the brand.

Check out a clip from Brixton Broadcast Barcelona, as well as the spring collection below and head to their website for more info.

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