Mayfair Mews House

Your Dream London Getaway | Mayfair Mews House

Considering some time in London? I think we’ve found a worthy place… the Mayfair Mews House by Callender Howorth includes its own bar and has been designed to host parties, need we say more? In case we do, this London home features a traditional English exterior, however the contemporary interior vanquishes any fears of tea and scones.

In fact, you’re treated to something completely different. The three storey house looks more like a modern pad straight out of Miami and is built around your own courtyard oasis. Bright colours matched with contemporary furniture give the home a vibrant personality that is a breath of fresh air on dreary London days. The walls are made from bespoke glass creating huge windows that open up the house and draw in sunlight.

The top floor features an enormous master bedroom with its own ensuite bathroom area and large dressing room. Here you can also find the bar, for any VIP guests lucky enough to make to it to the top floor.

For more information and other projects by Callender Howorth, head to their website.

Mayfair Mews HouseMayfair Mews House Mayfair Mews House Mayfair Mews House Mayfair Mews House Mayfair Mews HouseMayfair Mews House Mayfair Mews House

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