Transitting At The Crowne Plaza, Changi Singapore

You don’t often think about staying at an airport hotel unless you really have to. Most of them are ugly, stuffy and boring, giving the impression that the sole purpose they were built was for airline crew, who don’t get a say about where to stay.

Well this is what I always thought until I had to stop in Singapore for a 16 hour transit. My connecting flight was early the next morning and I didn’t want the stress of coming back to the airport from a hotel in the city early in the morning. I decided to book a room with the Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport.

Transitting At The Crowne Plaza Changi SingaporeTransitting At The Crowne Plaza Changi Singapore

The first thing I have to say is that after getting off a long flight, not having to catch a 40 minute taxi to the hotel is absolutely awesome. I basically picked up my luggage and walked 100 meters to the hotel in air conditioned comfort the whole way as it is connected to the airport Terminal 3. As I approached the hotel lobby I was greeted with the nice curvy lines of the hotel design that were both welcoming and comforting. Check-in was quick and the staff were very friendly. So in less than 15 minutes of leaving the airport I was in my hotel room having a shower.

Transitting At The Crowne Plaza Changi Singapore

My room was very generous in size with a king sized bed. There was a study table and plenty of space to spread my luggage out. The bathroom had a bathtub that looked very inviting but I knew that would mean I would just be stuck there for hours and I wanted to do a bit of exploring.

I decided to have a 20 minute lie down instead and checked my email and messages on my phone using the free wifi that comes with every room. After that I decided to check out the hotel’s facilities.

Transitting At The Crowne Plaza Changi SingaporeTransitting At The Crowne Plaza Changi SingaporeTransitting At The Crowne Plaza Changi SingaporeTransitting At The Crowne Plaza Changi Singapore

After attending to my messages, I got up for a little walk around the hotel. On level 2 I found Azur, the main hotel restaurant where breakfast will be served and opposite it a hidden bar… you’ll have to find for yourself. Transitting At The Crowne Plaza Changi Singapore

What I found on level 3 was amazing. Incredibly this is the pool at the Crowne Plaza! It definitely looked more like a luxury resort pool than something you’d find next to a runway.

Transitting At The Crowne Plaza Changi SingaporeDSC08760 DSC08757

The hotel has a whole bunch of other facilities, too many for me to mention and after I discovered the pool I basically just chilled there.

The next morning, I got to sleep in a little as I didn’t have any travel time to the airport. I even managed to fit a buffet breakfast in before I checked out. The selection was great and the food was nice. Crowne Plaza Breakfast Buffet

So if you have a long flight half way around the world, why not do a little stop over in Singapore and break up the long journey with a stretch in the pool and a good night’s sleep at the Crowne Plaza.

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