Waking Up With The Nespresso Lattissima

I have never had a coffee machine at home before so when I found out that we were getting one, I was needless to say, a little excited. Coffee is what runs my life. I absolutely need one to kick start my brain in the mornings followed by another one after lunch to mitigate the effects of food coma and sometimes one more at night because I like the taste of it.

Up until getting this machine, I could only get my coffee from cafes (I don’t do instant). Don’t get me wrong, nothing can take the place of a well made latte by an experienced barista at my favourite cafe. But it’s like watching a Pixar movie on your 50 inch TV at home versus watching it at a cinema, it’s not quite the same experience but the result is still a happy ending.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about 3 ways to get you out of bed on winter mornings, well, since then I’ve added one more thing. You’ve guessed it, I got the idea from hotels. Many of them now come with Nespresso machines in the room, so I figured I could do the same in my own bedroom. Except I did better, I’ve set it up right next to my bed. So for the past week or so, when the light wakes me up gently, I turn on the heater and pop a capsule into the Lattissima. Some mornings I’d be happy with a black coffee, otherwise I just make sure that I have some long life milk on my bedside.DSC08433Every night before bed, I just replace the mug and it’s ready to go the next morning. The machine is self cleaning (you just have to press the ‘clean’ button for a few seconds) so the only maintenance is to clear out the bins once a week. There are 6 pre-sets to choose from, on the left hand side there are 3 sizes with black coffee only and on the right hand side there are 3 sizes with milk options. I do rinse the milk reservoir everyday if I use it with the milk option. IMG_2812 IMG_2813

Doesn’t a coffee machine belong in the kitchen, you ask? No. Who made that rule up? And in any case, who’s policing it? Just do whatever you want and if what you want is the sweet smell of coffee in bed to help wake you up… then do it. #YOLO right? It’s a great little machine for yourself or maybe even as a father’s day present.

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